Who Is Emmahdorable? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her

Many cyber stars use Twitch, the live streaming video platform, to broadcast a range of activities including video games, eSports competitions, creative content, and music. Emmahdorable, however, has found a niche on the website by publishing video games and has risen to celebrity status on the Internet.

The American Twitch star streams video games and has acquired a large fan base. Initially, she was active on the microblogging and social networking site Tumblr, where she also published video games.

Her Twitch channel was banned in February 2016 due to some problems she ran into, but it became active again in 2017.

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Who Is Emmahdorable? 

Emmahdorable is a Twitch star. She is one of the few female video game streamers in the arena but has already gained an enviable number of followers. Twitch-Star is also famous for her collaboration with other online celebrities such as Keemstar and LeafyisHere.

She was born on December 21, 1995, in Syracuse, New York, in the United States of America, but later moved to California to promote her project. As much as we would like to tell you about Mrs. Emmahdorable’s family and educational background, we cannot. She was not willing to share personal information and would rather talk about her career and the things she hopes to achieve.

Things To Know About The Twitch Star

Her Career

Emmahdorable’s interest in video games began in her childhood. As her love for video games grew, she decided to let others into her world. She soon began blogging on Tumblr, where she published video games and provided updates to her readers.

With a desire to do her best and keep her followers up to date and entertained, she switched to streaming. Emmahdorable found a platform on Twitch and focused on posting video games. Her fan base began to grow and as a result, she became famous. After her success on Twitch, she also registered on other websites like Hitbox and Stream. me, where she also found a commendable fan base. Her favorite video games are Overwatch, League of Legends, and CS: GO.

Twitch Ban

Emmahdorable was closed for Twitch in February 2016 with the channel closed. The reason for the ban, as suggested by online users, was her nudity. One user called her a Thot because she said she would show her nakedness if she got 5 subs. She posted them and was banned.

However, she resumed her activities on Twitch after the ban was lifted in 2017.

The Emmahdorable Controversy

Who Is Emmahdorable? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her
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Attaining celebrity status comes at an ugly price, which sometimes outweighs the benefits. However, the aforementioned ugly price sometimes works for the good and provides a springboard for advancement beyond the initial success. This was the case with Emmahdorable.

It all happened on DramaAlert, a show created by Keemstar on YouTube. The goal was to bring news about social interactions within the YouTube community.

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Emmahdorable appeared on the show where she was heard debating with another girl about her love for LeafyisHere. She is friends with Leafy and claims to love him. It is suspected that her banning of Twitch has something to do with him as well. On the show, while trying to make a good roast, she was heard arguing with Amy Lynn Lew, also known as Whitney Wisconsin because of Leafy’s love.

After the show, she lost the trust of many people who felt that she had done nothing but lie in it. Among other things, it is a widespread opinion that she lied about her age and her involvement in pornographic content. Emmahdorable claimed that she was tricked by her abusive boyfriend into sending pictures of herself in compromising positions when she was only 15 years old. And when they separated a year later, the abusive lover blackmailed the pictures and put them online. But then they called on many and demanded that she stop claiming to be a victim of child pornography, citing various previous postings of her that indicated she was not a minor.

She then argued that her personality was misunderstood online. In doing so, she stressed that regardless of the harassment and hate reactions she received, she would continue to work to reach a higher level as an Internet personality.

She added that she was aware that most people now see her as someone who would lie about anything, and Emmahdorable said she would focus on building a better image for herself. While the whole drama was appealing because of her violent ranting, it made her more famous. Now she is looking for ways to have fun, entertain her fans, and still be authentic.

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