Who Is Farrah Abraham? Daughter, Sister (Ashley Danielson), Net Worth
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In 2008, while preparing for the reality TV series “16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom”, then 17-year-old Farrah Abraham found out that she was pregnant with her daughter.

Farrah’s pregnancy news was so hard to bear that it even triggered an argument between the TV star and her mother, who prevented her from aborting the child. The reality star finally had her baby the following year and had the episode “16 and pregnant” broadcast in the USA the same year.

Despite her teenage pregnancy drama, Farrah successfully rose to become a superstar in the film industry. She stands out as one of the richest young mothers in the industry and owes her rise to the television series 16 and Pregnant, which documents the lives of pregnant teenagers throughout the United States.

Learn more about the television personality, her daughter, her sister, her dead boyfriend, and of course how much she’s worth.

Who Is Farrah Abraham? Daughter, Sister (Ashley Danielson), Net Worth
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Who Is Farrah Abraham?

She is an American television personality who was born to Michael Abraham (father) and Debra Danielsen (mother) on May 31, 1991, in Omaha, Nebraska. Raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Farrah is of Danish and Sicilian descent on her mother’s side and Syrian and Italian descent on her father’s side. The couple divorced after so many years of stormy marital relations. After the divorce Debra has since remarried. In 2017 she married Dr. David Mer for the second time.

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Farrah Abraham Net Worth

For a very long time, there have been many contradictory accounts of how much Farrah Abraham has accumulated in her illustrious career. Although the reality star has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, Farrah Abraham has always kept her fortune very quiet.

The actress, who is currently being ridiculed as one of the richest television personalities in the world, can boast an estimated net worth of $5 million. According to credible sources, her money comes from her wealth of business channels. Farrah is said to have received $30,000 per episode for her roles in “16” and “Pregnant” and the spin-off “Teen Mom”. The TV star, it turns out, is also raking in a huge amount of money from her adult movies, smaller roles in TV series, and her new nude skin videos on CamSoda.

Behind the camera, the young millionaire mother also earns cool money with marketing deals, brand advertising, her sex toy line, and her own children’s clothing line. Abraham owns a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sedan, which she allegedly bought for $100,000. The car is, many believe, a testament to her impressive wealth and hard work.

Her Daughter

The daughter of the Omaha-born television personality is Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia’s father Derek Underwood was unable to attend her birth because he died two months before she was born.

Derek Underwood, born on May 8, 1990, in St. Joseph, Missouri, died on December 28, 2008, in a car accident in Council Bluffs, Iowa, after losing control of his car. Before his death, he was a waiter at Rick’s Café Boatyard in Omaha. He was with Farrah for two and a half years, but they stopped communicating with each other four months before his tragic death.

In Farrah’s memoirs entitled My Teenage Dream Ended, she described Derek as her first love and only true love. Although Sophia looks like her father, Derek’s mother (Stormie Clark) claimed that Farrah never told her son that she was pregnant with his daughter. She has litigated with Abraham over Sophia because she wants the court to grant her the right to visit her grandchild.

Who Is Farrah Abraham? Daughter, Sister (Ashley Danielson), Net Worth
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Sister (Ashley Danielson)

Unlike her sister, Ashley has managed over the years to put herself in the spotlight relatively little. While Teen Mom’s audience knows that the two are sisters, few know that the ladies are not full sisters – they are actually half-sisters.

Ashley is said to share the same mother with Farrah, but her biological father is not known to the public. In other words, Farrah’s father Michael is Ashley’s stepfather, but she took her mother’s name “Danielson” as her last name.

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Ashley is the mother of two children. Her first child named Sylvia was born in 2012, while her second child, a son named Alx, was born in 2015. The star of Teen Mom may be Danielson’s half-sister, but the two resemble each other eerily in a very sisterly way.

In recent years, Ashley’s relationship with her sister Farrah Abraham has remained a mystery. According to reports, the siblings’ relationship turned sour in 2013 after Farrah Abraham was arrested by police for driving under the influence of alcohol on her way back from a party. The reality star is said to have accused her half-sister of having drunk too much alcohol at the party.

Despite the tense relationship between the ladies, Ashley maintains a warm relationship with her mother and grandmother. When asked why she stopped filming Teen Mom with other members of her family in a recent interview, she explained that she values her privacy and has decided to focus her energy on more lucrative businesses. Ashley also claimed that she turned down her family’s invitation to the show because she wasn’t getting enough money for it, but unchecked sources reported that she wasn’t invited in the first place.