Who Is Gregg Sulkin? Here are 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Actor

Gregg Sulkin is a British actor best known for his roles in the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place and As The Bell Rings. Since he began acting in 2002, Gregg Sulkin has created an impressive body of work and has gained a large fan base. The young actor also appeared in Avalon High and was a leading actor in the MTV teen comedy hit show Faking It, where he played Liam Booker. He also appeared in Pretty Little Liars and Don’t Hang Up.

In a truly millennial spirit, Gregg Sulkin is also very active in social media, where he has proven to be quirky, funny, witty, and smart. With over four million followers on Instagram and more than a million fans on Twitter, he makes sure that they are kept up to date on all of his projects through these platforms.

Who Is Gregg Sulkin?

Gregg Sulkin was born on May 29, 1992, in Westminster, London. The actor, a Jew, had his bar mitzvah in Jerusalem at the Western Hall. Before moving to the United States for his full-time career, he attended Highgate School in North London – a British independent school with coeducation.

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The British actor made his acting debut in Doctor Zhivago, a mini-series starring Hans Matheson, Keira Knightley, and Sam Neill. He then played the leading role in Sixty Sixty-Six, opposite Catherine Tate, Helena Bonham Carter, and Eddie Marsan.

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Gregg Sulkin’s career began to grow and he got roles in As The Bell Rings, The Mad Woman In The Attic, Pass The Plate, The Heavy, and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

In 2013 it was announced that Gregg Sulkin would play the lead role of Julian Fineman in the television adaptation of Delirium. However, the series was not picked up by FOX, much to the disappointment of both his fans and the fans of the book.

He is also an avid football fan and supports Arsenal F.C.

5 Lesser Known Facts About Gregg Sulkin

1. Ex-Girlfriends

Since Gregg Sulkin is young, attractive, and successful, it is no surprise that he has led a very active dating life. The actor went out with Samantha Boscarino, an American actress from 2008-2009. Later he dated his Disney graduate Debby Ryan from 2009 to 2010. His next relationship was with Britt Robertson, an Avalon high costar actress, which lasted only a few months in 2010. Next, he met Pixie Lott, which lasted seven months.

Gregg Sulkin stayed away from the dating scene for a long time before entering a one-year relationship with Bella Thorne in 2015. The two were social media favorites until the relationship ended in 2016. His next relationship was with Danielle Campbell, but it was short-lived and ended after only one month.

Since August 2017, Gregg Sulkin has had a relationship with YouTube star Lexy Panterra.

2. Gregg Sulkin Height & Weight

Gregg Sulkin is not only incredibly attractive, but he is also in amazing shape. The height of the actor is stated as 5 ft 9 in and his weight is stated as 73 kg (161 pounds). His other body measurements are chest – 40 inches, arms/biceps – 15 inches, and waist – 31.

The actor keeps in shape with frequent visits to the gym.

3. He’s A Runaway

Who Is Gregg Sulkin? Here are 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Actor
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Gregg Sulkin is a leading actor in the television show Runaways by Marvel. On the show, he portrays Chase Stein, a high school athlete who is dismissed by everyone as a stupid athlete, but who is actually a brilliant inventor. He is one of the main characters in the show, who finds out that her parents are part of a secret occult organization and gets ready to stop them before they finally “run away”.

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The show, based on a critically acclaimed Marvel comic series, was well received and earned praise from viewers and critics alike.

4. Favorite Things

Gregg Sulkin has said that his favorite movie is The Social Network, released in 2010. His favorite TV shows are Kenan & Kel and Saved By Bell.

Although the actor usually eats healthy food to maintain his physique, pizza, chocolate, and fish ‘n’ chips are among his favorite foods.

5. He’s An American Citizen Too

Gregg Sulkin officially became an American citizen on May 23, 2018, after years of living and working in the country. The actor has stated that he will continue to retain British citizenship.

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