Who Is Joey King? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend and Relationship Timeline

American actress Joey King only began her acting career in 2006 at the age of 4, but her filmography is extensive, to say the least. She is known for films such as Ramona and Beezus, Oz the Great and Powerful, and in 2018 for the romantic Netflix film The Kissing Booth.

Although King had already established herself in Hollywood, the success of The Kissing Booth took her career to a new phase. Let us learn more about her…

Bio (Age) – Who Is Joey King? 

Joey Lynn King was born on July 30th, 1999 in Los Angeles, California. She is the last daughter of her parents, Tery and Jamie King, who named her after her grandfather Joseph. Joey has two older sisters, Kelli King and Hunter King, who are both actresses. Hunter is best known for her many small-screen roles, especially in Hollywood Heights, where she starred in 69 episodes of the Adriana Masters. Kelli has a less prominent career as she has only appeared in a few acting roles, including an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Who Is Joey King? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend and Relationship Timeline
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Joey and her sisters seemed to have inherited their acting genes from their grandmother, who was a theater actress. Joey began her acting career at the age of 4. Her first appearance as an actress was in a commercial for Life Cereal. In the following time, Joey appeared in over 104 commercials.

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While accepting commercial appearances, Joey King began auditions for film and television show roles. She was cast in episodes of The Suite Life by Zack & Cody, Malcolm in the Middle, and Jericho. In 2010, Joey was cast in her first leading role in the adventure comedy Ramona and Beezus, in which she plays Ramona Quimby, the younger sister of Selena Gomez’s character Beezus Quimby. The film brought Joey Selena so close that they became good friends.

Joey King would continue her career with roles in Crazy, Stupid, Love The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Oz the Great and Powerful, and others. On the small screen, King had remarkable performances in Bent, Fargo, and Tween Fest.

Boyfriend and Relationship Timeline

One of the main points of discussion in The Kissing Both was Joey’s chemistry with her screen match-up Jacob Elordi. The two constantly exchanged their PDA images on their respective social media sites to spark more interest in the romantic film comedy, and it worked. The fans became more and more curious about their relationship status in real life.

Who Is Joey King? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend and Relationship Timeline
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They met on the set of the film, but at first, they started off as friends only. In her interview with Bello Magazine, Joey revealed that when she first met Jacob she thought he was cute, but they started their relationship only as friends. But when they spent about 17 long hours on the set during the shooting in South Africa, they became very close and soon they developed feelings for each other.

The lovebirds did not hide their relationship when they went to Instagram to post sweet snapshots of themselves. Their individual Instagram statements reveal the details of their relationship timeline. The couple was named Social Media Officer by Jacob’s Page in April 2017.

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Joey, who celebrated Jacob’s birthday on June 26, 2017, didn’t skimp on details about him in her birthday mail when she revealed how she and Jacob met while raving about how much she is in love with the Australian guy.

In December 2017 Joey visited Elordi’s country, Australia. As can be seen on their pages, the couple’s previous activities include trips to parks, they have visited Disneyland and Universal Studios together on several occasions. They also share a common passion for traveling and have explored Boston together.

In March 2018, the power couple marched with Jacob to gun control and held up a box marked “Students should fear exams, not guns.

A month later, they participated together in the LA Fashion Awards. On Jacob’s birthday in 2018, Joey showed up unannounced at his location in Vancouver. Their declaration of love went beyond social media – they both talked about their love for each other in interviews on the red carpet.


Joey King stands at 5 feet 4 inches, which is 1.63 m. She dwarfs in comparison to her boyfriend’s towering 6 feet 4 inches in height.

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