Who Is Max Thieriot? His Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Max Thieriot is an award-winning actor who also works as a director in the American film industry. He has been practicing his craft in the industry since 2004, when he made his debut on the big screen alongside the film elite Corbin Blue and Kristen Stewart in the adventure movie Catch That Kid. Interestingly, before entering the international scene, Thieriot worked for the California clothing and accessories retailer GAP in San Francisco, where he decided to pursue a career as an actor.

Since the beginning of his career, Max has appeared in several films and television series, for which he received two nominations (The Stinkers Bad Movie Award for Worst Performance by a Child and Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actor for his role in the family comedy The Pacifiers) and one award – Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Feature Film – Young Ensemble Cast for the comedy-drama Kit Kittredge 2008: An American girl.

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Some of his film/television contributions include the crime comedy Nancy Drew (2007), Jumper (2008), My Soul to Take (2010), Chloe (2010), Disconnect (2012), House at the End of the Street (2012), Point Break (2015) and several others. Since 2017 Max Thieriot plays the role of Clay Spenser in the drama series SEAL Team. You can learn more about the actor’s role in the series on the commercial television station CBS.

Who Is Max Thieriot? His Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Who Is Max Thieriot? (Bio & Age)

Max Thieriot was born in Los Altos, California, as the middle child of Bridgit Ann and George Cameron Thieriot, who named him Maximillion Drake Thieriot after his birth. He was born on October 14, 1988. The Catch That Kid star is an American citizen and belongs to the multiracial ethnic group of Dutch Jews, Iris, English, Germans, and Norwegians.

He grew up in Occidental, Sonoma County, California, alongside his older sister Frances Cameron and younger brother Adian Cameron. Frances is married to Metairie, Louisiana-born former Philadelphia Phillies baseball pitcher Michael Stutes. Max spent his middle school years at Sonoma Country Day School in Santa Rosa, California, and later moved to El Molino High School in Forestville, California, where he completed his high school education in 2006.

Interestingly, he is one of Hollywood’s celebrities with famous ancestors. His great-great-grandfather Michael H. de Young and his brother Charles de Young are the original founders of the San Francisco Chronicle, which they published in 1865 as The Daily Dramatic Chronicle, while Richard and Charles, relatives of Michael H. de Young, served as publishers and editors of the newspaper. The grandparents of the actor on his father’s side, Ferdinand Melly Thieriot and Frances Harrison (née Dade), died on July 26, 1956, when the ocean liner SS Andrea Doria capsized and sank after the collision with the ship MS Stockholm. Other famous people whose ancestors were famous include Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Johnny Depp, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Tom Hanks, and Brooke Shields.

Does Max Theriot Have A Wife Or Is He Gay?

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It is a well-known fact that people like to gossip about celebrity sexuality, and Max Theriot is no exception. Questions about the actor’s sexual orientation have always been a topic of interest to the public and especially his fans. Celeboid can state that the director/actor born in Los Altos is not gay. In any case, Max is not gay but happily married to his long-time girlfriend Alexis Murphy.

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The lovers met for the first time as teenagers in the Caribbean, got engaged in 2012, and finally sealed their love on June 1, 2013, in Lake Tahoe, California, in the presence of their family members and loved ones. Alexis and Thieriot are parents of two adorable sons named Beaux Thieriot (born December 2015) and Maximus Thieriot (born January 21, 2018).

What’s His Net Worth?

No doubt, fame and wealth belong together. It can be said with great certainty that Max Thieriot has lived up to expectations in terms of his career. His celebrity fortune is estimated at $2 million, which is due to his career in the film industry and wine business. Together with his childhood friends, Myles Lawrence-Briggs and Christopher Strieter, the actor owns vineyards in the Occidental, from where they distribute the wine through their label called Senses.

Max Thieriot Height

The height of the actor is measured at 1.8 meters, which corresponds in feet to the height of 5′ 9″. His weight and other body measurements are difficult to determine, but we can assure you that he looks fit and has an athletic build.

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