Who Is Melissa Meeks – Jeremy Meeks Ex-Wife? Age, Kids, Net Worth

The marriage has not really been fair to Melissa Meeks, although she has done her best to make it work. Her first marriage ended unexpectedly, and the second ended in the most discouraging way. After waiting 27 months for her hot criminal husband Jeremy Meeks to come back from prison, her heart broke when he left her for a much younger and richer woman.

But just when many expected her to fold, Meeks awoke from her painful heartache and divorce to an amazing celebrity; something that has stunned so many. Here is her story.

Who Is Melissa Meeks – Jeremy Meeks Ex-Wife?

Melissa Meeks is popularly known as the ex-wife of American “hot criminal” Jeremy Meeks. She was born on July 14th, 1980 in the United States of America. She graduated as a nurse at the University of Phoenix. After graduating, she began working as a registered nurse in Oakland, California.

During this time she met her first husband, Ramirez. They were attracted to each other and eventually shared their vows. She had two children with him: Elliana and Robert. After several years of marriage, she became single again due to their separation. It was during her time as a single mother that she fell in love with Jeremy Meeks. They dated for a year before they got married in 2008. She had a son for him, Jeremy Jr.

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After the birth of her son, Jeremy was convicted of weapons possession and attempting to evade arrest during a gang search and was sent to jail. In 2002, he had previously served a two-year sentence for robbery and the collective injury of a child. After serving his previous sentence, Jeremy never lost his criminal tendencies, as his resulting illegal activities proved.

Left alone with her three children, Melissa waited for her husband during his 27 months in prison. During her career as a nurse, she cared for herself and her children. Before his release, Jeremy signed a contract with White Cross Management through Jim Jordan, who discovered him after his mug shot spread. After his release, Jeremy changed his career prospects radically and began modeling. His modeling career was very promising and brought him fame and a huge fan base.

Who Is Melissa Meeks – Jeremy Meeks Ex-Wife? Age, Kids, Net Worth
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Back home with Jeremy, Melissa Meeks was happy because, since his fame, he showed a lack of commitment and loyalty. Despite all these problems, she still hoped for a happier and more committed marriage until Jeremy finally met the last straw of his infidelity.

On one of his alleged business trips to Turkey, Jeremy was caught by the camera during a romance with billionaire heiress Chloe Green, the daughter of Sir Philip Green. When Melissa heard the news of his shameful act, her heart was broken. At this point, she realized that the marriage she had been trying so hard to maintain was already lost. After ongoing arguments with Jeremy, they divorced, and the marriage was legally consummated in June 2018.

After their separation, Jeremy moved on with his newly found lover. The bond between Melissa and Jeremy, however, was because of their son – Jeremy Jr. Jeremy loved the little boy and wanted him in his care. To accomplish this, he agreed to pay Melissa $1 million to retain primary custody of his son. After a court settlement, he was awarded 30% of the custody of the boy.

On Melissa’s side, she found the strength to continue. To publicly announce her freedom and her strong position, she organized a lingerie party in Las Vegas. She told the public that the essence of her party was to celebrate her transition from ex-con to ex-wife. The party was known as a demonstration of strength, although Chloe Green organized it from an embarrassing position.

Who Is Melissa Meeks – Jeremy Meeks Ex-Wife? Age, Kids, Net Worth
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In the second phase of her single motherhood, Melissa Meeks took a new turn in her professional life. She underwent plastic surgery in Beverly Hills to improve her breasts, hips, and other physical features. After developing a stunning look with her prospects, she took up the trail of her ex-husband and moved on to modeling.

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Her Kids

Melissa Meeks has three children from her two marriages: the first two, Elliana (17 years old) and Robert (12 years old), come from her first marriage to Ramirez, while the third, Jeremy Jr (9 years old), comes from her second marriage to the hot criminal Jeremy Meeks.

Net Worth

Between her career as a nurse and future modeling contracts, Melissa did not hold back and tried to compete with the ex who broke her heart. Of all her efforts so far, the net worth of the budding model Melissa Meeks is estimated at a total of $3 million.

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