Parker Nirenstein Bio, Dad, Net Worth, Sister, Family, Other Facts

Parker Nirenstein is a car enthusiast who brought his passion to YouTube in 2012 and founded his automotive channel Vehicle Virgin, which now has over 2 million subscribers. He created the channel to help his viewers make one of the biggest decisions of their lives – which car to buy first.

He also offers exclusive and informative videos with reviews of various exotic high-performance cars. Although he may not be anywhere near the highest-paid YouTubers in the world, his channel has become his main source of income.

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Parker Nirenstein Bio

His date of birth was June 24 and in 1994. The media personality was born in a place called Palo Alto in California in the United States. Parker Nirenstein attended Redwood High School in California and then spent a year at Tufts University, Massachusetts, before moving to the University of Michigan in 2013. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in 2016. He completed internships with two major automakers – Ford and Toyota – which further fuelled his interest in the automotive industry.

Parker Nirenstein – Bio, Dad, Net Worth, Sister, Family, Other Facts
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Nirenstein started a blog during his student days where he writes car reviews. His interest in cars also drove him to make videos. On January 12, 2012, he launched his YouTube channel “Vehicle Virgins”, where he also wrote reviews, this time in the form of videos. Through his channel, he helps his viewers decide which car to buy first. He also offers informative, exclusive, and exciting videos about various cars, especially high-end cars.

Parker’s dedication, passion, and commitment to this endeavor have paid off. Not only has he built a successful career on the video-sharing platform, but he has been able to maintain a good professional life and an enviable relationship with his viewers. The channel has attracted more than 2 million subscribers with over 500 million views. This has made Vehicle Virgins one of the leading channels on YouTube and in its genre – car reviews.

In addition to his booming YouTube career, Parker Nirenstein also leads a large fan base on Instagram. His review of the photo-sharing site is a huge testimony to his passion and love for cars. It is filled with his car collection rather than his personal life, with over 280,000 followers.

Family –  Dad and Sister

Parker was born the son of John Nirenstein, a technical entrepreneur, and his wife Michelle, a housewife. His father is also a car enthusiast who must have passed on his love of the automobile to his son. John is a graduate of the University of California Berkley, where he graduated in 1980 with a BA in Psychology and Music. He has a sister, Madison, who is an equestrian athlete and fitness expert.

John and his friends started an engine technology company called Ebates a year after his son Parker was born. In October 2014 he sold the company to Rakuten Japan for $1 billion. He is also the owner of an automotive restoration facility, Phoenix Restorations LLC, which was founded in 2001. It is located in Sonoma, California.

Parker Nirenstein – Bio, Dad, Net Worth, Sister, Family, Other Facts
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Parker Nirenstein introduced his family members on his channel. His father and sister appeared on September 13, 2016, in a video titled Sister/Dad’s Hilarious Reaction To My Lamborghini Huracan!, while his mother debuted on his channel a year later, on September 24, in a video titled Mom Reacts To 800HP Supercharged Lamborghini.

Parker Nirenstein Net Worth

Parker Nirenstein may have created car virgins to express his love for cars on the Internet, but today it has become his main source of income. Although he may not come anywhere near the highest-paid YouTubers such as Daniel Middleton, Evan Fong, Dude Perfect, and Logan Paul, both in terms of net worth and subscribers, his channel is a cash cow that earns him a lot of money.

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With over 2 million subscribers and more than 500 million views, Parker earns an average of $600,000 per year. Although it is undoubtedly a considerable income, his net worth is unknown.

Apart from the advertising revenue from his videos, his fame and influence have also made him a magnet for sponsorship deals with car companies. From time to time the YouTuber is invited to test drive some cars or visit car shows all over the country.

Other Facts about the YouTuber

1. Peter Nirenstein is obviously a car lover. The first car he bought was a 2006 BMW 3 Series, but he now owns an incredible collection of cars, including the BMW M5, the Mercedes S Class, and the Lamborghini Holden Hurricane.

2. He also purchased a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo from 2004 in 2015, within three years of the launch of his channel, all of which are estimated to be worth over $2 million.

3. The YouTuber owns his own home, a mansion in California.

4. Parker allowed his sister to drive his Lamborghini Huracan. She is no novice when it comes to cars. Madison has a penchant for angry bulls and is also a car enthusiast like the rest of her family.

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