Who Is Mia Serafino? Her Biography, Height, Dad, Net Worth

Mia Serafino does not yet belong to the circle of A-actors and actresses. However, she has done enough work and worked and hung out with the right people in the industry long enough to guarantee her inevitable success. The Michigan-based actress has starred in over 20 productions in which she has played everything from leading roles to fulfilling agency obligations.

Serafino’s most notable works to date include her time on the comedy television series Crowded, her role as Emma in the film Electric Love, and her portrayal of Ali in James Franco’s Zeroville.

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Who is Mia Serafino? – Her Biography

The actress, born on April 19, 1989, is from Detroit, Michigan, and is, not surprisingly, a supporter of the NHL team Detroit Red Wings. Her early life decision reflects an early interest in entertainment. For her college education, she moved to Chicago to study musical theater. After school, she moved on to Los Angeles, like many aspiring actresses before her.

Who Is Mia Serafino? Her Biography, Height, Dad, Net Worth
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Mia has been an actress since childhood, but mainly in stage productions and commercials. Afterward, she secured a summer job, where she worked on the set of some big movies as a substitute for some well-known actresses. This initiated her learning curve in the world of acting on screen and even earned her a kiss with Hugh Jackman when she stepped in on the set of the movie Real Steel. An experience that she says she will not soon forget.

Serafino has revealed her addiction to acting in interviews. She has been addicted to her acting career since her first project and admits that she doesn’t care much about downtime. During her downtime, the actress takes acting classes and gets involved in stage productions to keep busy.

Mia officially launched her acting career in 2009 with the role of Rebecca Brown in The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations. At that time she was in her first year of college and the film was shot in her hometown of Detroit. This led to some more small roles and guest appearances on projects like Hitchcock (2012), 90210 (2012), and Bukowski (2013). Other small appearances include her one-liners in Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) and Saving Mr. Banks (2013).

Following her role in films such as A Lesson in Romance (2014) and Secrets of a Psychopath (2015), she has had guest appearances with Franklin & Bash, NCIS: Los Angeles, Shameless, Scorpion, and Your Family or Mine, all before the end of 2015.

Her biggest role to date came in 2016 when she was cast as Stella Moore in the television series Crowded. It is a story about three adult daughters who refuse to leave their homes forever and want to move back to their parents. Mia Serafino was accompanied on set by Patrick Warburton, Miranda Cosgrove, and Carrie Preston, among others. The show was aired for only one season and consisted of 13 episodes.

Who Is Mia Serafino? Her Biography, Height, Dad, Net Worth
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After her time with James Burrows’ Crowded she performed in 3 other projects – All at Once, The Labyrinth, and Young & Hungry. All of these came before her grandiose performance in Aaron Fradkin’s romantic comedy Electric Love. She played the main character Emma and worked with other actors such as Erik Griffin and Zachary Mooren. The film is essentially a review of the contemporary dating scene in Los Angeles through the use of popular dating apps.

Mia Serafino has spoken candidly about her admiration for bigger stars like Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Sarah Paulson, Natalie Portman, and Robert De Niro, whom she has idolized since childhood. These names are – according to the actress – at the top of the list of people she would like to work with. And with the time she still has available, this could very well happen.

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Who is Mia Serafino dad?

Nobody really knows anything about who Serafino’s father is, nor do any of Mia Serafino’s other family members. All we get are small periodic glimpses of her life. One of them was in a tweet in May 2016 in which the actress revealed that her father was a musician – a drummer. The actress talks about how her parents supported her massively throughout her acting career.

What is her Net Worth?

At this point in her career, it is safe to say that Mia earns her money exclusively through her work as an actress. There is no other online source that suggests otherwise. There are also no definitive sources that show what the net worth of the actress is.

Her Height

Mia Serafino does not stand upright like some of the names she has worked with. Fortunately, her size complements her figure sufficiently. The actress stands at a height of 1.65 m, which corresponds to a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

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