Who is Nats Getty, Her Net Worth and Relationship with Gigi Gorgeous

If uniqueness is an expression of the universal fabric of creation, then it is a first-class material to choose from. Everything about it cries out for uniqueness. From her hairstyle to the choice of fabrics to the footwear that her feet wear, Nats Getty is an extraordinary being who understands that in otherness lies her loveliness. She is a billionaire oil heiress and an androgynous model, granddaughter of John Paul Getty, the oil magnate.

How well do you know Gigi Gorgeous’s fiancée? She is a model, fashion artist, and activist for LGBT youth. This exceptional model is also known for her fashion company Strike Oil (her oil heritage played a role here, didn’t it?), which makes unique leather jackets.

With her short hair, tennis shoes, physique, masculine features, and androgynous clothes, Nats is truly a feast for the eyes. Let’s take a walk through her profile.

Who is Nats Getty?

Nats Getty is an offshoot of the Getty family, who were heavily involved in the 20th-century oil industry where their wealth was made. She is the daughter of Justin Williams and Ariadne Getty (granddaughter of Jean Paul Getty, the founder of Getty Oil). November 30, 1992, was the day she welcomed Mother Earth in Los Angeles as Natalia Williams, but now she uses her mother’s last name professionally. She has a younger brother, August, who was born in 1994. Her uncle, Mark Getty, is the owner of Getty Images, a wealthy TBH lineage.

Who is Nats Getty, Her Net Worth and Relationship with Gigi Gorgeous
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The key to standing out in the sands of time is the insight that time is too short to live someone else’s life. Nats is well aware of her personality even as a child and embraces it fully. Her “I don’t care what people think of me” attitude is well defined in her style and modeling career.

She is a self-described tomboy who hardly ever wears clothes and always did things that were mainly boy-related while her brother designed clothes. He now has a remarkable clothing line, August Getty Atelier. Nats climbed trees, surfed, and skateboarded in Santa Monica, California, where she grew up.

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Nats Getty attended The Willows Community School before moving to a boarding school in England with her brother at the age of eight. While running her own fashion company, Strike Oil, which specializes in making unique leather jackets, she also worked as a model for her brother’s clothing line. He had also used her as a muse for his productions before she was replaced by an equally gorgeous Gigi Gorgeous (her name speaks volumes about it – her splendor).

Nats has her other side, which has a penchant for charity. She is affiliated with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) – an organization that works to ensure equal representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the media. She also works as an aid mediator for the LGBTQ center in Los Angeles alongside her mother and brother.

The model is a board member of her mother’s foundation, the Ariadne Getty Foundation, and also serves as its ambassador.

Net Worth

As a branch of the Getty family line, Nats shares the net worth of Getty Oil with the rest of her relatives. The Getty family has a net worth of over $5 billion, and it’s safe to assume that none of their descendants need to worry about money.

Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, Nats Getty has his own income streams. Either as a model or as a fashion designer, she has steadily increased her net worth. Although her net worth is not known, it would be no less than a 7-digit sum or could even be higher.

Nats Getty’s Relationship with Gigi Gorgeous

Who is Nats Getty, Her Net Worth and Relationship with Gigi Gorgeous
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The above happy couple could well be described as a lesbian couple of the digital generation. The paths of social media influence and artist-socialists crossed during the Fashion Week in Paris 2016, and they were both models for the August collections. Their official date, however, began in February 2016.

Gigi is not new to the arena of surprises and unusual things, it seems. She was born as a boy, Giselle Loren Lazzarato in Canada, then identified as a gay man and later as a transwoman. The last one was when she announced she was a lesbian shortly after her first date with Nats. Having previously only dated men, Nats was her first try with women, and she loves it, as much as she loves it. She also has a large number of followers on her social media, especially on YouTube, where she has over 2.7 million subscribers.

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Like any other relationship, which has its own share of ups and downs, your relationship has reached a near low point. In November 2016, nine months after they were together, Gigi announced on her channel that they had broken up, although they still love each other. But this wasn’t to last for long, because shortly afterward they were seen together in an almost perfect picture, kissing as if nothing had happened.

In March 2018 they revealed a new phase of their commitment and love for each other through their engagement. Nats, who is no stranger to the display of affection, whether she is sending magnificent roses for Valentine’s Day, kissing where the eyes would see, or even taking luxurious outings, projected the words “Will you marry me” with lights into an extremely opulent French castle.

The two are an amazing team. While Gigi credits her fiancé for helping her discover and embrace her sexuality after only dating men, Nats describes her as the most amazing girlfriend in the world.

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