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William Devane is probably a famous American actor whose face is not to be confused on the television screens. He is well versed in all three formats of acting – film, theatre, and television. Well, if you don’t know much about him yet and are probably here to get to know the actor’s personality, you will soon learn about his biography, his age, his family, which includes his wife and son, and finally, you will know how much he is really worth financially to have been a popular face to breathe life into screenplay characters.

Age and Biography of William Devane

William Devane, whose full name is William Joseph Devane, was born in Albany, New York, on 5 September 1939 as Joseph Devane’s son; he was the chauffeur of Franklin D. Roosevelt when he was governor of New York. His father was of Irish descent, while his mother had mixed Dutch and German descent. However, both were of white descent and William Devane has American citizenship.

There are no verifiable details about his educational background or childhood. It is generally assumed that he was educated in the Albany area, while it is known for certain that William Devane graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1962.

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The veteran actor began his career right after graduating from the Acting Academy, although he has performed at local theaters in his Albany neighborhood. He received critical acclaim when he appeared as President John F. Kennedy in a television documentary about the Cuban missile crisis of October 1974. He also won the admiration of moviegoers when he played the role of John Henry Faulk in the film Fear on Trial, which won an Emmy Award in 1975. Perhaps you remember him best as Greg Summer in the prime-time soap opera Knots Landing, which ran for a total of ten years from 1983 to 1993.

Other TV, film, and movie projects he has worked on include – 24 (2001) as Secretary of State and potential vice presidential candidate, Hollow Man (2000), On The West Wing (1999), Stargate SG-1 (1997) as President Henry Hayes for three episodes. His roles in films have always been those of the country’s top political leaders, and it is obviously a lot of work for anyone to master such roles and effortlessly make them look as natural as William Devane.

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Currently, he is supposed to be a spokesman for Rosland Capital and has not made many films. During his active acting career, he has made a lot of money and is known for having invested in many companies that have proven to be successful. Such ventures include his restaurant, which serves mainly Italian cuisine, and his ranch, which is over 140 hectares in size, spread over several acres for various ranches used for both business and private amusements.

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Family: Son, Wife

Although William Devane has been so successful in his acting career and in other later areas of life, unlike other celebrities you know, he has not failed to allow the public to successfully invade his private and family life and consume any information that comes to their minds for gossip.

Not much is known about William Devane’s family except his marriage to Eugenie Devane in 1961. She was his girlfriend for many years. The couple has two sons in common, but there is no official and authentic information about who they are or what they have been doing lately. It is said that one of the names of his son is Joshua Devane.

William Devane Net Worth

Mr. Devane has led a very successful and rewarding life in his active years as an actor. That doesn’t mean he’s retired, no. But since we haven’t seen much of him in films lately, it’s best to write or talk about him like that.

His net worth is estimated at about $5 million. With his various business investments and probably some actor roles still to come, you should assume that this current estimate will experience an upward trend, with everything remaining the same.

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