Adam Shaheen Bio, Height, Weight, Body Stats, Family Background

The impressively great American footballer Adam Shaheen has been active in professional football since his NFL Draft 2017. He is currently kicking up a lot of dust in his club – the Chicago Bears of the National Football League – as he uses his gigantic mass to build up an impregnable defense against his opponents on the pitch.

Adam, who was very active in college football at his Alma Mater Ashland University, has been described as the university’s highest draft pick in this modern age of the National Football League. He was drafted in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft. The hard work and dedication of the good-looking footballer were his nudge and his enormous height is just one more advantage for the tight ender.

Adam Shaheen: Bio

Born under the sign of Scorpio on 24 October 1993 in Galena, Ohio, United States of America. The football player is an American nationality and North American ethnicity. He received much support from his parents, who noticed his interest in basketball and soccer from childhood on.

Adam Shaheen Bio, Height, Weight, Body Stats, Family Background
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The young star’s educational background can be traced back to Big Walnut High School in Sunbury, Ohio, where he actively participated in basketball and soccer. After his time in high school, the aspiring footballer went on to study at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. He later moved to Ashland University where he played football again, but in the long run, in 2016, Adam made the decision to give up his last year in Ashland as he joined the second draft of the NLF in 2017.

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Adam Shaheen, who has played in the tight final position for the Chicago Bears since his 45th overall draft in 2017, signed a $5.91 million contract with the Bears with a $3.17 million guarantee and a signing bonus of $2.43 million for a four-year period. Since then, he has secured a tight final position for the team and has not been sold to another NFL team.

The soccer star takes his training seriously and has had several visits and private training periods with some national teams of the Football League like the Arizona Cardinals, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Tennessee Titans, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Cleveland Browns. ESPN ranked him number 5 on the best tight ends in the draft, while on he finished in 4th place. So far we can say that the athlete’s career has been successful and he has been generously rewarded financially, although his estimated net worth is still under review.

Height, Weight, Body Stats

The big bear of a man stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 6 inches and weighs a total of 277 pounds. He has hazel eyes and light brown hair. It was his impressive height that gave him an advantage when exploring the bear. The bear’s area scout, Jeff Shiver, praised Adam’s potential when he witnessed the giant guy move effortlessly while showing reliable hands.

Adam Shaheen Bio, Height, Weight, Body Stats, Family Background
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The American footballer’s background in basketball puts him in an advantageous position when it comes to using his body as a buffer on the court. His acceleration, quickness, and exceptional speed are simply amazing, especially when talking about someone as tall as he is. His footwork and innate ability to use his gigantic mass to box against his opponents have also been described as first class. With his exceptional hands, hand-eye coordination, and natural willingness to block, the Tight Ender is an insurmountable barrier for the opponent.

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Adam Shaheen first looked like a beanpole when he first entered professional football, but with more effort in the workroom and a voracious eating habit, he gradually transformed his body into the big chunk we see today. According to him, he was able to gobble down five plates of food at once just so he could go to training and still return to the cafeteria for more, and consequently, he turned into a Division II runaway, just too strong, too big, and absolutely too dominant for the opponent.

Family Background

Information about the young football star’s family background is not known, but we were able to uncover the fact that he is the son of Ziad Shaheen (father) and Beth Shaheen (mother). His parents are of North American origin, but Adam was born in the United States of America, where the family currently lives.

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