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Agnes Wilczynski is a Polish-American reality TV star who has been on television in the United States for several years. She is a classic example of an immigrant to the United States who left behind the hopelessness and lack of opportunities in her own home countries, moved to America, and is currently living the American dream and flourishing unhindered.

Through her appearance on the reality television show Tanked, she has inspired many young ladies and immigrants over the years to believe that once you have set your mind to a task, you can definitely accomplish it. Her calm demeanor, self-confidence, and willingness to learn new things has made her popular with many fans who watch the reality show.

Agnes Wilczynski – Bio (Age)

Agnes Wilczynski was born as Agnes Jadwiga Wilczynski on May 17, 1977, in Poland. She has never divulged information about her early childhood or her educational aspirations. When she was about 6 years old, she moved to the United States with her older brother Arthur on a single flight when she was about 6 years old. It is not clear who she lived with, but they never returned to Poland and have been living in the Las Vegas area for three decades, with an increasing tendency.

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Her first job in the United States was as a hairdresser, and it is not clear how long she had this job. Later she took a job in a Ferrari dealer in Las Vegas as a saleswoman. At this job she reportedly met Wayde King, Brett Raymer’s partner and co-owner of the aquarium company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), who came to her dealership to buy a Porsche.

It is not clear whether she eventually sold him the car, but she must have said something right because she was invited to join the crew of the tanked show, which was still in the planning stage at the time. The show finally got underway, and Agnes Wilczynski was an omnipresent face on it. She is currently a senior accountant and sales coordinator at ATM, the company on which the tanked series is based.

Family – Is She Married, Who Is the Husband?

It’s a little difficult to know the true status of Agnes’ relationship right now. First of all, she seems to be a very secretive lady who has revealed almost nothing about herself in any area of her life. There are some who believe that Agnes Wilczynski is divorced and that she may have been married to one of the co-stars of the reality TV show Tanked, in which she starred – Brett Raymer. This is nourished by the fact that in the credits of one episode of the series, Agnes was titled Brett’s ex-wife and Brett was titled Agnes’ ex-husband.

However, this could either have been the truth buried by the producers of the series, or it was simply a misprint by the graphic designers working on the post-production of the series. However, the relationship between Agnes Wilczynski and Brett on the show itself is purely professional, and it is just the normal exchange between two people working in the same company; there is no hostility between them, nor is there any public display of affection between them.

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Either there is not a shred of truth in their supposedly failed marriage, or both are excellent actors who have managed to hide this part of their lives from the public. Another fact that nourishes the possibility of an earlier relationship between Agnes Wilczynski and Brett is the fact that Agnes Wilczynski is extremely close and best friends with Brett’s sister, Heather King, who is also a star of the reality show and the wife of Wayde King – the co-owner of the company with Brett.

Wilczynski and Heather always share common tasks on the show, they have designed aquariums together on several occasions, decorated them with coral inserts, and even went “fish shopping” on the show at their favorite fish store on several occasions; such closeness might suggest that their relationship is much deeper than just being colleagues on the A.T.M. company.

Agnes Wilczynski has shared images of a much younger Heather and herself on several occasions through her grips in social media while remembering how they were there for each other and how they had come a long way from where they started. Brett Raymer, on the other hand, mentioned, whether he meant it as a joke or not, that he got married once or twice in the show. He is known as a divorced man who has been dating Trisha Chamberlain, with whom he is currently engaged, since 2011.

Wilczynski is most likely single as there is not enough evidence to prove otherwise; however, it is very hard to believe that a very beautiful and lovely Agnes Wilczynski has never hitchhiked in her 40s.

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