Ashley Yule Bio, Facts about Parker Schnabel’s Ex-girlfriend

Ashley Yule proposed a deal with fame when she was introduced in the show’s seventh season by none other than the grandson of millionaire gold-digger John Schnabel and the producer of Discovery Channel’s reality series Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel. What further stirred up the dust was that he called the blond-haired Aussie his girlfriend.

While their relationship lasted, Ashley made up for it on television by appearing in 25 episodes of the hit series. She brought color to the dusty environment of the series’ gold mines, establishing herself as a fan favorite. More details about her can be found below.

Ashley Yule Biography

Ashley Yule was born on March 6 in Cowes, Victoria, Australia. Her year of birth is controversial in various media sources, probably because she has not been in the spotlight for a long time or because she was not born in the United States. While some reports state that she was born in 1995, others claim that the TV star was born in 1994. She has not helped either, as she has chosen to remain silent on this matter.

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Along with her older brother Jamie Yule, who is an Australian soccer player, Ashley is one of the two children of Stephen and Deb Yule. Her parents run a small computer repair store called Waterfront Computers in Cowes. Her ethnic background is Caucasian, and although she was born in Australia, she has since received American citizenship.

Beyond that, there is no information about her early life or educational background. However, she is a trained veterinary nurse and has worked with veterinary services in her home country. Ashley Yule also volunteers with many organizations, including the Worldwide Veterinary and the Asiatic Bear Rehabilitation Program team.

In addition to her services to nature, Ashley Yule is a good dancer, artist, and television personality. She is a member of Melbourne-based Street Dance Studios and the Superhoozd dance group.

Facts about Parker Schnabel’s Ex-girlfriend

TV Career

Ashley Yule – Bio, Facts about Parker Schnabel’s Ex-girlfriend
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Ashley Yule was introduced in the seventh season of Discovery Channel’s reality series, Gold Rush, as a friend of Parker Schnabel. Although her time in the series could be described as short-lived, she made good use of her time on screen and appeared in 25 episodes of the eighth season

Yule was often seen in the show helping her boyfriend at the mining sites. At other times she either weighed gold or drove a truck and helped wherever she was needed. After her separation, she stopped appearing in the show.

Ashley Yule Relationship with Parker Schnabel

Ashley met Parker when he was on a trip to Australia. The two fell in love instantly and eventually dated in 2015. He then invited her to the States for the summer, where she made a deal with Star Glory on the reality TV show. Aside from appearing on the show, she gained more fame as Parker’s girlfriend, especially as the one who effectively managed his mood swings.

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According to Schnabel, Ashley Yule is quite uncomplicated and a fun companion. He also added that she understands him as a person and, interestingly, even has solutions to his anger. As long as they were together, they enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed spending time together. While fans thought that the duo would one day walk down the aisle as man and wife, Parker revealed in a Facebook episode with live questions and answers that marriage between them was out of the question. In fact, he laughed at the idea.

In March 2018, at the end of the eighth season of Gold Rush, Schnabel announced that he and Yule had split up. However, he continued to publicly admit that the breakup was his fault, citing his inability to balance his professional and personal life, which left his girlfriend insufficient time.

Where Is She Now?

After Ashley Yule resigned from the show, the fans stayed behind and asked about her whereabouts. Although it is believed that she returned to Australia, where she resumed her regular work and continued her dance career, we still hope that one day she will make a comeback in front of the TV.

Body Measurements

No numbers are attached to her body statistics, but what is obvious is that Ashley Yule is a beautiful woman with a well-proportioned body. Her blonde hair and brown eyes give her doll-like features even more beauty.

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