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Arryn Zech is a writer, YouTuber, photographer and dubbing artist associated with Rooster Teeth. She is known for providing her voice for Blake Belladonna in the series RWBY. Zech was born in Spain on October 4, 1990. Later she moved to America as a child and grew up in the city of New Braunfels, Texas.

Arryn Zech’s Education and Career

Arryn Zech attended the North East School of Arts High School in San Antonio, Texas, and majored in music theatre. Mary played the Calypso in The Odyssey among many other roles during her time in high school.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a major in copywriting and design from the University of Texas, Austin. But she soon realized that her passion was acting and singing.

Arryn Zech currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing her acting career. She was the voice of Blake Belladonna, one of the four main characters in the Rooster Teeth series.

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Rooster Teeth Productions

Rooster Teeth is an American production company, the company was founded in 2003. In April of the same year, Rooster Teeth started the production of a web series called Red VS Blue, a military science fiction action comedy-drama in which Arryn Zech vocally expressed the character of Dr. Emily and other fillers.

The company eventually branched out into video games, live-action shots, comedy and a wide range of highly successful series. Arryn worked in Rooster Teeth as a protector until the year RWBY came out and the staff of the Rooster Teeth Series realized that Arryn was recognized by the people.

Arryn Zech as Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna is an animated character in RWBY, voiced by Arryn Zech, whose signature weapon is a Gambol Shroud (also known as VBCS “Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe”). She was initially part of a group called White Fang (a faunal terrorist group) before joining the RWBY team alongside Yang Xiao Long, White Snow and Ruby Rose.

As a voice artist, Arryn Zech worked alongside Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, and Barbara Dunkelman. In August 2015 Arryn Zech announced that she is leaving Rooster Teeth as she will move to Los Angeles at the end of September. She still works for Rooster Teeth as Doctor Grey and Blake Belladonna.

She is still good friends with the Rooster Teeth staff, especially with the RWBY Staff and the cast. For the 17th and 44th episodes of Always Open, she returned to Rooster Teeth Studios, along with other stars of RWBY.

Arryn Zech’s Boyfriend

She was in a relationship with Miles Luna. Miles Antony Luna works in Rooster Teeth as a lead animation writer. The 27-year-old works in writing, dubbing, editing, and graphic design. Miles and Arryn had an amicable separation in September 2015 when she decided to move to Los Angeles.

Arryn Zech’s Relationship With Bob Morley

Although evidence of her relationship with Bob is very limited, it is known if she is currently with Bob Morley, but sources say they have been together since 2015. Bob Morley, whose full name is Robert Alfred Morley, is an Australian actor born on 20 December 1984.

Bob had a number of appearances in theatre productions and short films before he went mainstream. He made it into the spotlight after his role as Drew Curtis in Home and Away won the Logie Most Popular New Male Talent in 2006. In 2017 he also won the “E! Online Alpha Male Madness award”.

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Arryn Zech On Social Media

Arryn Zech can be said to have a considerable active social media presence. On Instagram, she has over 59k followers and over 130 posts with videos and pictures of herself and her dog (she owns a little dog that she loves and calls Watson).

Her Twitter account, on the other hand; is a lot more active with over 90k followers and 12k tweets. You can follow her on both accounts via the handle; @arrynzech.

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