Exploring With Josh Bio, Net Worth, Family Life of The Canadian YouTuber

As unusual as the name sounds, Exploring With Josh is actually the title one of Canada’s most famous YouTubers wants to be known by. He regularly publishes videos of himself exploring eerie and mysterious places such as abandoned buildings or things and other generally eerie things that ordinary people personally avoid. Thanks to his entertaining and sometimes disbelieving content, Exploring With Josh has won millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel with over 230,000 thousand followers on his Instagram page. Many people obviously love to consume the content he publishes and engage with him on his social media platforms.

The YouTube star has visited hundreds of scary places like schools, theme parks, banks, crashed airplanes, and other places of interest. Although he has been criticized by some people who believe that some of his so-called exciting places are not real but staged to look like real places. Regardless of whether this is true or not, it would be impossible to deny that Exploring With Josh adds a lot of thought and originality to most of its content. Vlogger is very talented in what he does, and he seems to have figured out how to use social media to achieve fame and success in his chosen career as a travel blogger.

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Exploring With Josh – Biography

In truth, very little is known about the real-life of the Youtuber, like his name, details about his family, and his early education, except what he has revealed so far. He seems to enjoy wrapping information about his life in secrets, like the objects he often explores in his videos. Perhaps he expects someone to do research on him and uncover the secrets he may be hiding. However, the star “Exploring With Josh” was born on March 20, 1993, in Rhode Island, Canada. He was raised by his biological parents and moved to London with the rest of his family when he was 15 years old.

Exploring With Josh – Bio, Net Worth, Family Life of The Canadian YouTuber
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Josh had been passionate about dancing since he was a young boy, and he cultivated this passion until his teenage years. It was this love of dancing that launched his YouTube career in 2013. He began publishing videos of performances by his dance group. The popularity of this channel inspired him to create another channel on which he only published videos of his heroics while traveling. Eventually, he left his dance group to devote his time and attention to his new passion.

The Exploring With Josh channel has more than 3 million subscribers, and many of his videos have gone viral, attracting millions of viewers. His most popular videos include Abandoned Federal Gold Exchange Bank, My Abandoned Middle School Found My Yearbook, Abandoned New Hospital, Abandoned Plane Found, and Abandoned Drug Dealers Mansion. The young researcher has traveled to various countries including Japan, the United States of America, Hong Kong, and Germany in search of abandoned buildings. The content he has produced during his many stays around the world has been very fascinating and entertaining to watch.

Although he has not received any honors or awards for his work on Exploring With Josh, he was nominated for a Shorty Award in the Travel category and even made it to the final shortlist. Josh’s career as a youtube is not without controversy. He has been accused on numerous occasions of being obnoxious, arrogant, and a liar. Some circles have claimed that he repeats and sometimes stages scenes instead of actually being honest with himself and his viewers by publishing original entertaining content.

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Apart from his Travel Exploits channel, Josh also has a side channel where he blogs about everything related to games. He has also managed to find work as an amateur photographer. The YouTuber also sells merchandising items, which serve him as another source of income.

His Net Worth

Considering the number of his subscribers and the influence he exerts in his chosen field, it is to be expected that the famous YouTuber has accumulated considerable wealth for himself through his efforts. However, the actual number of “Exploring With Josh’s net worth” is not currently known.

Family Life of the Famous YouTuber

The Internet sensation has two brothers, whose names, like those of his parents, are unknown. He doesn’t talk about them much and doesn’t often include them in his travels, so this aspect of his identity is still kept secret.

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