Is Rick Lagina Dead, Married? What Is His Net Worth Or Biography

If you’re familiar with the History Channel’s reality show “The Curse of Oak Island”, then you probably know Rick Lagina.

Rick Lagina is one of the two Lagina brothers responsible for the production of the popular reality show, which has been on air since January 2014.

The reality show follows the Lagina brothers as they use state-of-the-art equipment and experts to search the three main areas on Oak Island where treasures are supposedly hidden.

Season four was one of the most-watched shows in the entire history of the History Channel, and fans are starting to relax because they think this was the finale. Rumor has it that the brothers are planning a fifth season, although there was no update from History Channel or the Lagina brothers.

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We hope that this won’t bore the fans as they start to wonder if there really are treasures on Oak Island.

Is Rick Lagina Dead?

Many secrets on Oak Island are connected to a curse planted by whoever may have hidden treasures or artifacts on the site, and those who have searched the island in the past have sometimes been confronted with death or some paranormal occurrences.

Strange poison gas has been released at the site. In 1965, the Restell tragedy occurred. The group of 4 researchers died when one fell into a shaft and the others died while trying to rescue him.

Fortunately, however, Rick Lagina and his crew did not die while searching for the hidden treasures on land. So the answer to the above question is a big NO, Rick Lagina is not dead.

Is Rick Lagina Married?

Although Rick Lagina has made a name for himself since his appearance in TV reality series, he is one of those who do not want to reveal his private life in the media.

So the fans don’t know if he’s still getting married or if he just doesn’t want to show it.

There have been many rumors about Rick being gay, but there is no proof of this rumor. Maybe we just have to wait and see if he reveals himself about his marital status in the near future.

Rick Lagina’s Biography

As mentioned above, Rick is very secretive about his private life, and it is not much about him online. But here’s what we know about him.

Rick Lagina was born in the United States of America to the Lagina family from Kingsford, Northern Michigan.

Rick was a former postal worker who gained great popularity through the reality show “The Curse of Oak Island”, aired on History Channel – the show is based on solving the mystery of Oak Island (the 140-acre island lies off Nova Scotia, Canada) with the help of global experts and advanced technology.

Rick became obsessed with Oak Island in 1965 after reading an article in the Readers Digest that told the legend of treasures buried there, wooden beams found, and booby traps.

Rick’s fascination grew after his father showed him and his brother Marty an article in the Wall Street Journal about Oak Island. Both boys remained interested in the treasure and the legends surrounding it. Rick, in particular, was determined to do some research one day.

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The two brothers then visited the island to search for and investigate the treasure. They started a tour company that would guide guests through the secrets of Oak Island, the items found, and tours of the entire island including the “money pit” and “borehole 10-X”.

The tour includes a small museum, but guests are not allowed to see or photograph the “War Room”, which most likely contains mysterious artifacts found on the island.

There are many legends and theories about the mysterious treasure of Oak Island.

The most common is that there is a pirate treasure hidden at one of the sites. Many mysterious relics have also been found floating this point home, including bone fragments, pre-1795 coins and metal, concrete, platforms, and human bone fragments.

Near the owner, a strange inscription was found on a large rock. It was the letter “G”, and it is thought that it may be a symbol of Freemasonry. The foundation of the dwelling of the

The foundations of the dwelling of the island’s discoverer, Daniel McGinnis, were discovered. Strangely enough, there was a foundation of Portuguese stone nearby. In 1981 the explorer Fred Nolan discovered large boulders in the shape of a cross, “Nolan’s Cross”.

Rick Lagina’s Net Worth

It is believed that Rick Lagina has made an incredible fortune with his profession, which is the only source of income attributed to him. Currently, Rick has a net worth of $2 million.

Rick Lagina undoubtedly has a large number of fans and supporters. Although he is not active on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram, he does have a fan club on Facebook.

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