Kaya Scodelario Biography, Baby, Husband And Family Details

English actress Kaya Scodelario started her career in 2007 and quickly gained recognition with her role as Effy on Skins, the E4 series, which became famous for casting real teenagers with no previous acting experience. Scodelario became one of the series’ breakout stars and used her experience in a successful film career. Today she is best known for her roles in feature films. Some of her remarkable performances followed in Wuthering Heights (2011) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017).

Kaya Scodelario Biography

Kaya Scodelario was born Kaya Rose Humphrey on 13 March 1992 in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England. Her father is British, while her mother was a Brazilian immigrant in England. When her parents divorced when she was just two years old, Scodelario spent the rest of his childhood with her mother in London.

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As Kaya grew up, she learned to speak Portuguese. She took her mother’s maiden name – Scodelario from her grandfather, who was of Irish descent. As a teenager at the age of 14, Kaya decided to pursue an acting career. Fortunately, her first attempt at an audition was successful. She successfully auditioned for the role of Effy Stonem on Skins, a series that sought young, inexperienced actresses.

Kaya Scodelario Biography, Baby, Husband And Family Details
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Kaya’s role contained only small lines, but by 2008, in the second season of the series, her character had become a regular series. The character was the only one who remained from the first to the fourth season of the series. Scodelario’s experience in the series helped her improve her resume for future appearances. In 2009, she began auditioning for film roles and made her debut in the science-fiction thriller movie Moon. Kaya also began a career as a model and joined the elite Models 1 agency.

Her later films include Shank, the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans, an adaptation of Wuthering Heights. Kaya is famous for her role as Teresa Agnes in the film Maze Runner.

In addition to acting, Kaya Scodelario has appeared in many Plan B music videos. Her first prize, the Ashland Independent Film Award, was given to her as the best acting ensemble: Feature for the thriller drama The Truth About Emanuel, for which she played the title character. The film was her first American film.

Family Details – Baby, And Husband

Kaya Scodelario is married to the American actor and stand-up comedian Benjamin Walker. The couple met in April 2014 on the set of the movie The King’s Daughter, which was released in 2016. The film, formerly called The Moon and the Sun, was not released in the United States. According to Scodelario, when she first met Ben on the film set, the two began as friends but became closer and closer as the production progressed.

Both parties had broken up serious relationships with different people just before they met. While Kaya broke up with her 5-year-old boyfriend Elliott Tittensor, Ben had completed the divorce from Mamie Gummer, the daughter of the famous actress and veteran Meryl Streep, with whom he had been dating for about 5 years, including two years of marriage.

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However, Kaya and Ben’s relatively short lovesickness did not hinder the pace of their romance. On December 28, 2014, Benjamin asked Kaya the question, and the two became engaged. In a post on social media, Kaya revealed that she had the name of her admirer “Ben” tattooed on her ring finger.

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The couple remained engaged for a year before they entered into the bond of marriage in December 2015. Ben, who is from Georgia, began his acting career in 2004 as a stand-up comedian, shortly after graduating from New York’s Juilliard School. He began acting in the theater before switching to film. Some of his remarkable films include Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunters, Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers, and the musical Bloody Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Kaya Scodelario and her husband Ben have a child together. They welcomed their little boy in November 2016. The couple was very stingy with details about their baby. The first photos of the baby that Kaya put online showed only his hand. Apart from avoiding showing their baby’s face, the couple also did not drop his name.

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