LaMelo Ball Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Brothers, Height, Net Worth, Weight

LaMelo Ball gained fame and recognition as a high school basketball player. His rise to fame began at the age of 15 when he scored 26.7 points in each game during the 2016-2017 basketball season. He also attracted media attention when he scored 92 points in a game against Los Osos in February 2017. This made him the player with the second-highest score in the history of the California High School Basketball Championship.

The amazing basketball star was born into a family of professional basketball players. He has obviously inherited the family’s sports gene and is brilliant at what he does. In 2017 he won the Freshman of the Year Award after leading the Chino Hills basketball team to win the State Championship. Learn more about the bio, family, and personal life of this fast-rising star below.

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LaMelo Ball Bio (Age)

The basketball sensation, LaMelo Ball, was born on August 22, 2001, in Chino Hills, California. He was born the son of LaVar and Tina Ball and has two brothers – Lonzo and LiAngelo Ball. His parents have been involved in sports for some time and have often taken their children with them. His father played professional basketball and soccer at Washington State University and California State University Los Angeles. Ball’s mother works at a middle school in Montclair as a director of athletics.

LaMelo – Bio, Ball Age, Girlfriend, Brothers, Height, Net Worth, Weight
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His two brothers – Lonzo and LiAngelo – are basketball players. LaMelo attends Chino Hills High School in California. Not much is known about his school grades, but much is known about his basketball records and successes. He started playing basketball at the age of 4 and was taught by his father. As a child, he played for several amateur basketball teams and when he entered high school he continued to play basketball, but this time under the supervision of the high school coach.

LaMelo Ball made his debut with Chino Hills against John Muir High School on June 16, 2015. It was a very impressive start for the young baller, who impressed the audience, his family, and his mentors with 27 points. His following games were also commendable, as he scored no less than 20 points in all games.

His consistent success attracted the attention of several colleges and universities who wanted him to play for them after his high school career. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) prevailed over others and was able to get a verbal commitment from LaMelo to play for them. However, this never happened.

One of the highlights of LaMelo’s high school career was winning the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Southern Section Open Division Championship. He supported and encouraged the win by scoring 26 points in the deciding match against Sierra Canyon School in March 2016.

His stay in Chino Hills was eventful, especially in 2016, when Chino Hills was the No. 1 in the U.S. and also qualified for the State Championship, which they won with LaMelo on the team. With 14 points, he secured his team the victory over De La Salle High School, which won the CIF State Boys Basketball Championship.

By the end of 2016, LaMelo Ball began scoring 30 points per game and maintaining the status quo. This and his half-volley goal earned him a lot of media attention and national awards. His best performance came against Los Osos High School in February 2017, when he scored an astonishing 92 points and gave his school the victory.

The young basketball protégée is compared to NBA star Stephen Curry because of his repeated long three-point competitions. LaMelo’s high school days may be over, but his basketball days are still far ahead of him. He currently plays for the SPIRE Institute, Ohio.

Family: Parents and Brothers

LaMelo – Bio, Ball Age, Girlfriend, Brothers, Height, Net Worth, Weight
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The American basketball star LaMelo Ball came from a family filled with stars. His father, LaVar Ball, played professional soccer and basketball during his studies at university. LaVar saw the talent in his children and took on the task of nurturing them. Since his children’s careers blossomed, he became the media personality that his children represented – a job he has done wonderfully so far. LaMelo is now the last child of the family and has two older brothers, Lonzo and LiAngelo, who are both basketball players.

Lonzo played for the UCLA Bruins at the college level and now for the Los Angeles Lakers. He plays the role of point guard for the Lakers and has become very popular. LiAngelo, on the other hand, is also a very popular basketball player who plays for the Vytautas Prienai-Birštonas team in Lithuania.

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LaMelo Ball Girlfriend

LaMelo Ball is allegedly dating Ashley Alvano, a beautiful young teenager born in December 2002. She started dating LaMelo Ball a few months before his 16th birthday. However, the lovebirds made their relationship official during his 16th birthday party. The relationship was officially announced on his 16th birthday. The couple still enjoys a romantic relationship today and is still together. Amazingly, the couple always shares their happy moments with their friends on Instagram and other social media platforms. Since the world heard about their relationship, Ashley’s Instagram followers have grown to an incredible 89,000.

Net Worth

LaMelo Ball has earned a lot of money with basketball over the years. The earlier part of his career as a high school basketball player was very successful, and so is his present. Apart from his paychecks, LaMelo also makes money by selling his signature shoe called Melo Ball 1, a current estimate shows the baller is worth over $700,000.

Height, Weight, and Other Measurements

LaMelo Ball is a large basketball player with a towering height of 6 feet 5 inches and a weight of 75 kg. This weight and height are very suitable for the player who likes to take many strokes. For his physique, the ball has been described as athletic.

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