Marjorie Bridges-Woods’ Family Life, Relationship History and How She Met Steve Harvey
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Marjorie Bridges-Woods is a fashionista who owns an online fashion store and also has a handbag label. She is known for her work on the fashion blog Lady Loves Couture, which she created in 2007. The Chicago-born scientist is also the creator of an Instagram account and an e-commerce website where she markets her collections.

Marjorie’s outstanding fashion sense has earned her recognition in the fashion world, and her presence is in demand at many high-level social events. Not only has she made waves as a fashion designer, but her fame as a businesswoman has skyrocketed following her marriage to multi-award-winning comedian, TV character and entrepreneur Steve Harvey.

Marjorie and her husband have created one of the most enviable blended families in the entertainment industry. Although both have experienced failed relationships in the past, they have successfully developed an inseparable bond as a couple – despite several rumors of divorce. Read on as we learn more details about the married life and past affairs of the gorgeous partner of the famous TV presenter.

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What Do We Know About Marjorie Bridges-Woods’ Marriage to Steve Harvey and Her Kids

Marjorie Bridges-Woods and Steve Harvey are without doubt one of the most famous power couples in the entertainment world. Before they became man and wife, they each had a fair share of two failed marriages. But since they were destined for each other, the two love birds finally got it right this time when they reunited in 2005.

After being together for two years, they exchanged their marriage vows in June 2007 in a private wedding blessed by their close friends and family. The couple, who obviously complement each other, have brought out the best in each other and have enjoyed a happy marital relationship for over a decade.

They are proud parents of seven children who have come out of their previous marriages, as their union will not yet produce a child. Marjorie Bridges-Woods’ husband Steve Harvey had four children from his first and second marriages, while the talented fashionista welcomed three children from her marriage.

In 1980 Harvey made the alliance with his first wife Marcia Harvey, who gave birth to twin daughters Brandi and Karli and a son named Broderick Harvey Jr. In 1994 the marriage was annulled and two years later the well-known author Mary Shackelford married. The union produced another son named Wynton Harvey before reaching rock bottom.

Marjorie, on the other hand, had two daughters, Morgan and Lori, and a son named Jason from their previous marriages. The two families have merged into one large, loving family, as Steve Harvey adopted his stepchildren, who now carry his last name. He calls them his children because he believes that calling them his stepchildren would lead to division and separation.

Meet Her Grandchildren

Marjorie Bridges-Woods was a wonderful mother to her seven children with whom she often spends time. She is also a grandmother of five lovely children. Her eldest child, Morgan, and her husband, Kareem Hawthorne, who is a DJ, expanded their family in 2015 with the arrival of their first child, a daughter who was christened Elle Hawthorne.

In June 2016, one of the twin daughters, Karli Harvey, who is married to a motivational speaker and entrepreneur – Benjamin Raymond – gave birth to a son, Benjamin Troy Raymond. In September 2019, Jason Harvey and his trophy wife Amanda Harvey welcomed Marjorie and Steve’s fifth grandchild, a son named Ezra. More than that, they have already welcomed a son, Noah and his daughter Rose together before.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods and her spouse are happily married. Despite the challenges they have faced in their marriage, including various divorce rumors, they are still strong with each year that passes.

Details of Her Past Relationships

As mentioned above, Marjorie Bridges-Woods was married twice before becoming the third wife of Steve Harvey. She entered into her first marriage in the early 1990s to Jim Townsend, a well-known drug dealer who was arrested by police with 40 kg of cocaine in his possession.

He was then sentenced to life imprisonment, but fortunately for him, he was pardoned by the president in January 2017 after twenty-six years in prison. Marjorie had two children with Jim, Morgan, and Jason before she divorced him.

A few years later she married drug cartel boss Donnell Woods, welcoming her daughter Lori with him. In the early 2000’s she severed her connection with Donnell when the FBI investigated him for drug smuggling.

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How Did She Marjorie Bridges-Woods Meet Her Husband?

The love story of Marjorie Bridges-Woods and Steve Harvey seems more like a fairy tale. It was love at first sight when the beautiful blogger caught the attention of her future husband while entering one of his performances at a comedy club in Memphis in 1990. Enchanted by her beauty, Steve Harvey was stunned and could not say a word as he stared at Marjorie constantly.

Then he told his audience that he would marry her even though he didn’t know who she was. Interestingly, what seemed like a joke became a reality in 2007 when the two of them sealed their love with a marriage bond. But before that, it was not easy for the couple.

After this first encounter in 1990, the two dated for a while before they separated from Steve Harvey (since he was married to Marcia at the time) because of the long-distance and marriage. But later in 2005, they got back together again, thanks to Harvey’s bodyguard who brought them back together after seeing how they complemented each other in their first meeting. After their reunion, the esteemed radio personality gave his amazing spouse great credit for his professional success and happiness.