Miles Luna Biography, Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts To Know

Miles Luna is an American filmmaker, dubbing artist, and screenwriter who is associated with an American animation company called Rooster Teeth. The award-winning star is on the staff of Rooster Teeth and received the International Academy of Web Television Awards for best-animated series for his series entitled Red vs. Blue as well as RWBY Volume 1.

He has worked as a voice actor on the award-winning series Red vs. Blue and RWBY. His co-stars with the Rooster Teeth Company include Gustavo Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Bernie Burns, and many others.

Find out below everything you need to know about Miles’ biography, age, career, girlfriend, height, and other facts about this multi-talented character.

Miles Luna Biography (Age)

Miles Luna was born on April 24, 1990, in Plano, Texas, in the United States. His parents, who are of Mexican descent, raised him partly in Galveston and partly in Austin, Texas. He has a younger brother named Dylan Luna.

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While he was growing up, Miles Luna attended the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, and while at the university he worked for Texas Student Television in his spare time. During his time at Texas Student Television, Miles met Brandon Farmahini, who works at Rooster Teeth. He also published his first four episodes of Machinima.


After graduation, he moved to Rooster Teeth where he started his career. He went through different departments, got to know all the works as well as possible, and finally became a permanent fixture in the company’s animation department. He started as a machinima assistant for Kerry Shawcross and then switched to editing audio for RvB. Later, Miles started editing parts of the main show, and one day he wrote a script for an RvB mini-series called Where There’s a Will, There’s a Wall, and it became the turning point in his career.

He was also promoted to head writer for animation at Rooster Teeth in 2015, and he is not only a writer but also a voice actor and director. He wrote and directed the anime series Red vs. Blue and RWBY. He also worked as a voice actor for Felix in Red vs. Blue and Jaune Arc in RWBY. Miles and Kerry Shawcross are one of the main authors of the animated series RWBY.

Miles has also contributed to several anime podcasts, including Rooster Teeth Podcast, On The Spot, and Fan Service Anime Podcast. Together with Kerry, Miles owns and streams on the Twitch channel @Streamyweenies.

Currently, he is still working as one of the main directors of Rooster Teeth, his work includes editing, writing, animation, graphic design, and voice acting. For his outstanding productions in the Red vs. Blue Series and RWBY Volume 1, he received the International Academy of Web Television Awards for Best Animated Series.

Miles Luna Biography, Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts To Know
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Personal Life: Girlfriend

When it comes to his personal life, the star enjoys collecting Amiibos, and he is a fan of the popular anime series Kill la Kill. His favorite character from Red vs. Blue is Butch Flowers. Miles is caring and likes to write in his spare time.

However, the talented star hasn’t been in many relationships to this day. He once had a relationship with a co-star named Arryn Zech. Arryn was the voice actress who played the role of Blake Belladonna in the RWBY series in 2012 and Emily Grey in Red vs. Their relationship did not last long and in 2015 the duo parted ways. The reasons for their separation were not mentioned by either of them.

At present, it is assumed that Miles Luna is unmarried and is not currently in any relationship. He is not yet married and has no children.

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Miles is really good-looking and is the guy every lady would like to go out with. The multitalented speaker is very sexy and has a well-built male body structure. He is very tall, standing at 6 feet 2 inches (6 feet 88 meters). He has brown eyes and black hair.

Other Facts to Know about Miles Luna

  • Between the 9th and 10th season he started writing for the series of Rooster Teeth called Red vs.
  • Miles met with a co-star, Arryn Zech, who sings for Emily Grey in Red vs. Blue and Blake Belladonna in RWBY.
  • He won two Academy of Web Television awards for best-animated series for Red vs. Blue and RWBY.
  • The talented star became head of the animation at Rooster Teeth in 2015.
  • He was born the son of a Mexican father.

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