Who is Jemima Kirke Husband? The Kids, Family Life, Tattoos and Other Facts

Jemima Kirke is an Anglo-American actress best known for her role in the critically acclaimed television series “Girls” in which she played Jessa Johansson – one of the main characters known for her unpredictable, cheeky and unconventional nature. Throughout the series, Jessa lived through the ups and downs of her life as a result of the many bad decisions she made, including a heroin and cocaine addiction, a short-lived unreasonable marriage, and dating her best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

The show was conceived and produced by her close friend Lena Dunham, with whom she also worked on the film Tiny Furniture (which was also her feature film debut). She also starred in the independent short film Smile for the Camera in 2005.

In addition to her appearances in films and television shows, she also graced Zayn Malik’s music video Dusk Till Dawn with Sia.

Besides acting, Jemima is also active as an artist.

Who is Jemima Kirke Husband? The Kids, Family Life, Tattoos and Other Facts
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Bio & Early Life

Jemima was born in London on April 26, 1985, as the child of English parents – Lorraine and Simon Kirke. Her mother, Lorraine, owned Geminola, a New York vintage boutique that occasionally supplied outfits for the successful television show Sex and The City. Her father, Simon, was a drummer with two well-known rock bands – “Free” and “Bad Company.

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In her TV show “Girls”, the dress her character wore to her wedding was from Geminola. She also appeared with her sisters in Teen Vogue and wore clothes from the store.

Although born in London, Jemima grew up in New York City. While her mother is of Jewish descent, her father is of Scottish and Irish descent. Her maternal grandfather was the wealthy British businessman Jack Dellal, commonly known as “Black Jack”.

Jemima Kirke comes from a talented and influential family – in addition to her parents, her siblings and cousins are also active in the arts and entertainment industry. Her sister is Lola Kirke, actress and currently the star of the Amazon television show “Mozart in the Jungle”. Her other sister, Domino Kirke, is a singer and musician. Her cousins are model – Alice Dellal, shoe designer – Charlotte Olympia Dellal, and curator – Alexander Dellal.

She attended Saint Ann’s School, an arts-oriented private school in New York City. At Saint Ann’s School, she met Lena Dunham, who hired her for Girls and Tiny Furniture. The two became friends at school and have remained friends ever since.

Family Life: Who is Jemima Kirke Husband? The Kids

The actress currently lives in East Hampton and Brooklyn. From 2009 to 2017 she was married to a lawyer, Michael Mosberg. Together they had two children, one daughter – Rafaella Israel was born in 2010, while a son – Memphis Kirke was born in 2012.

Who is Jemima Kirke Husband? The Kids, Family Life, Tattoos and Other Facts
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In 2017 the two announced their separation. Since July 2017 Jemima Kirke has been in a relationship with Alex Cameron, an Australian singer-songwriter known for his conceptual performances.

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Jemima Kirke has a total of 23 tattoos on her body. This should not be surprising at all, as she is not only an artist but also an expressive individual. Her tattoos are on her neck, wrist, ankle, hand, palm, upper arm, forearm, and even on her ear.

5 Facts About Jemima Kirke

1.¬†Jemima attended the renowned Rhode Island School of Design for her bachelor’s degree. From the school, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. In 2011 she had an art exhibition through Skyline Projects entitled “A Brief History”. She also had an exhibition at a Lower East Side Gallery – Sargeant’s Daughters between 2017 and 2018, where she exhibited her paintings in portrait style.

2. Funny fact: Jemima never had any intention to become an actress, she usually considers herself an artist. However, she started acting when she took on roles to help her friends who could not afford to hire real actors. She didn’t get paid for her role in Lena Dunham’s movie, although the movie was profitable in the end. Jemima Kirke and some of Lena’s other friends were asked to join the film as a favor to Lena because the budget was not sufficient to hire professional actors.

3. Besides Zayn’s music video for Dusk till Dawn, she also appeared in several other music videos, including Wring It Out by Rival Schools, directed by American musician and filmmaker Jordan Galland. Jordan also directed her first short film – Smile for the camera.

4. In 2017 she starred in Mick Jagger’s music video for his song Gotta Get a Grip, directed by Saam Farahmand, a British music video director.

5. She was also featured in several music videos of her friend Alex Cameron, including Stranger’s Kiss and Studmuffin96.

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