Jaimee Foxworth Biography – Everything You Need To Know

The showbiz career of Jaimee Foxworth has taken a rather interesting turn over the years. One can say that she grew up in the industry since she started modeling at a very young age. As a child actress, she appeared in the hit sitcom Family Matters, in which she played the character, Judy Winslow. This role was seen as her breakthrough at the time, under the premise that she would build a successful acting career. However, this is still the biggest role in her career, as she was only able to take on a few guest roles after that.

Jaimee Foxworth Biography

She was born on December 17, 1979, as Jaimee Monae Foxworth. She was born in Belleville, a town in St. Clair County, Illinois. We may not have many details about her early upbringing, but it turns out that her modeling career began when she was just 5 years old. She appeared in numerous commercials on national television and later got her first acting role.

In December 1986 she appeared in an episode of the hit sitcom Amen, which marked her acting debut. She also played a lead role in an episode of the short-lived CBS drama series TV 101 (1988). When she was 10 years old, she got her first big role in Family Matters, which eventually became the biggest acting role of her career. Jaimee Foxworth graduated from Burbank High School in Burbank, Los Angeles, California.

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Things You Need To Know

Foxworth played the role of Judy Winslow, the Winslow family’s youngest child, in the long-running ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters. She remained in the cast from the first to the fourth season of the series (1989 to 1993).

However, she was removed from the show due to cuts in the production budget and the fact that another, more popular character, Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White, was introduced to the show. There was no explanation in the plot for the disappearance of the character Judy Winslow.

Jaimee Foxworth Biography – Everything You Need To Know
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Despite her relatively successful 4-year stint with Family Matters, Jaimee Foxworth was not given any more television or film roles after that. At the age of 19, she finally ventured into the adult film industry, where she appeared under the stage name “Crave”. This actress revealed that she originally became a porn actress to make quick money, but she completely regretted this decision.

Foxworth also struggled with drug addiction and depression long after she left the adult film industry. It was reported in the media that her family fell into a severe financial crisis and even filed for bankruptcy.

The actress had no significant appearances in the mainstream media after she left Family Matters in 1993. She finally returned to the silver screen in early 2005 when she appeared in an episode of the ABC news program 20/20. She also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in January 2006, followed by the Tyra Banks Show in October 2006.

Jaimee Foxworth appeared in the first season of the reality TV show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, which premiered in January 2008. The show featured several celebrities being treated for alcohol and drug addiction at the Pasadena Recovery Center in California under the supervision of celebrity doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky.

She was also featured in the biopic series Life After (2009), which chronicled her life after the end of her career-defining role in Family Matters.

Jaimee Foxworth Biography – Everything You Need To Know
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Her Family Life

Jaimee Foxworth’s parents were also active in show business in their heyday. Her mother Gwyn was a singer, while her father was a guitarist, and both met in a band.

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She has two sisters, Tyren Perry and Jania Foxworth, and as she grew up they formed an R&B trio called H.H.E. The group was signed to Shaquille O’Neal’s record company T.W.IsM. Records, under which they released a studio album 3’S A Charm (1997). After the group split up, Jaimee’s sisters continued to make music as solo acts.

Jaimee Foxworth has one child, a son named Michael Douglas Shaw, Jr. Born May 29, 2009, the child’s father is their long time friend Michael Shaw. According to the former actress, the birth of her son helped her to finally overcome her alcohol and drug addiction.

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