Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Bio, Dating, Boyfriend, Body Measurement

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers is an Italian-American actress best known for her role as Tyene Sand in the HBO series Game of Thrones and as the title character in the children’s series Mia and Me.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Bio

The multi-talented actress was born on March 27, 1996, in Santa Monica, California, the daughter of an Italian father and an American mother.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers grew up in New York City, where she first performed at the legendary East Village Experimental Theatre Club La MaMa, before moving to Rome, where she grew up and blossomed as a young actress in film and television.

She began her acting career when she debuted in a theater production in 2004 at the tender age of eight. Rosabell and her brother were cast as the children of Medea.

She then had the opportunity to travel to Poland and Austria before moving to Rome with her family.

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Rosabell achieved European fame with the title role in the television film Memories of Anne Frank.

Shortly afterward she played Rachel Weisz’s daughter in the American publication The Whistleblower (Samuel Goldwyn Films). For her work in the 2012 film Gli Equilibristi, Rosabell was nominated for the David di Donatello Award in the category “Best Supporting Actress”,

In 2013 she played a leading role opposite Raul Bova in the widely acclaimed Buongiorno Papa, and in the same year, she was awarded the prestigious Nastro d’Argento Prize for the “most promising young talent” by the Italian Film Critics Association.

Last season she regularly played a role in the successful Italian television series Una Grande Famiglia. Rosabell has the US and Italian citizenship.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Bio, Dating, Boyfriend, Body Measurement

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Dating/Boyfriend

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers is very secretive about her personal life/relationships but does not share them with the public.

It seems that we have no idea about her romantic relationship as no details about her personal problems have been revealed yet.

She is probably more focused on building her career and has no time for any dating affairs at the moment.

Her Body Measurement

The beautiful, young, and talented actress has a gorgeous and sexy body. Her figure has very slim measurements, but could still be described as an hourglass body shape.

She wears a bra size 32C and weighs 113 pounds. She is only five feet and two inches tall. Pretty petite.

The GoT star admitted in an interview that she hadn’t seen Game of Thrones before the audition, but she knew the show was a huge hit.

Once she was cast, she quickly caught up to prepare for her role. Part of this preparation included intensive martial arts and combat training.

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she said:

“I also flew to Belfast a couple of times for training, and then I just found someone following me with the daggers. I learned the choreography late after I had started training. So I really had to catch up on that, and that’s really hard. I’ve never done fight scenes before. I’ve never done a stage fight. It’s so hard because you have to put all the intention into it, but then you have to fake it. It’s so much fun.”

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Bio, Dating, Boyfriend, Body Measurement

Talking to Variety, Rosabell Laurenti also talked about how playing the youngest of the sand snakes marked a transition period in her life and career.

“What I like about working on GoT is what I learn from other actors. Fortunately, we get along really well. I could have felt intimidated by such a mega set, but instead, I didn’t do it at all. I connected with the sand snakes on the first day of stunt training when we almost accidentally almost killed each other”.

“Jess [Jessica Henwick] and Keisha [Castle-Hughes] are super funny, crazy, and talented women and we had a lot of fun together in Belfast, Croatia, and Seville. It was also great to work with Indira Varma; I learned a lot by watching her work. I had the opportunity to see her in [George Bernard Shaws] “Man and Superman” with Ralph Fiennes at the National Theatre, which was one of the best plays I’ve seen in a long time. I really respect her”.

Rosabell Laurenti has 13,000 followers on Twitter and 15.4 followers on Instagram.

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