Tana Mongeau Bio, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Why Was She Arrested

Tana Mongeau is a YouTube star that many people on the platform have met because of her storytelling, while many others outside the platform have met her because of many controversies, including showing a video of a person who died of an overdose on her channel, up to and including arrest and some other things that many might call crazy.

With so many followers on social media, there are things you might want to know about them.

Tana Mongeau Bio and Age

The YouTube star was born on 24 June 1998 as Tana Marie Mongeau in Las Vegas. There she grew up at the side of her siblings. Although she has not given much information about how she grew up, Tana has spread pictures of her father and mother, Becca Mongeau, on social media.

She has also appeared as an actress in Minute Match-Ups and Chaos Wolves. But what has made her most popular is her YouTube channel and her involvement in social media. She has a huge fan base on YouTube with over 3 million subscribers and over a quarter of a billion views. She also has another channel, Tana Mongeau Vlogs, which she launched in 2016. The channel already has nearly 1.5 million subscribers and over a hundred million views.

Tana Mongeau Bio, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Why Was She Arrested
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She has been able to build her channel faster than many other YouTubers, considering that in less than 3 years she has gained more than 3 million followers. The growth of her channel is due to her stories, most of which are seen as greatly exaggerated.

Some of her most popular videos include I peed on Shane Dawson. They wished it was a click lure, HOW I MADE MY MAKEUP IN HIGHSCHOOL (I was a thot), 3 GIRLS, 1 BATH: SEX TALK ft. Niki and Gabi, MY STALKER BROKE IN MY HOUSE: STORYTIME and The N-Word, which was one of their most controversial videos

Tana also has over one million followers on Twitter and nearly 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

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Why Was She Arrested?

The YouTuber, which has become well known for its controversies, had a run-in with the law in 2017 that led to her arrest. When she spoke about the reason for her arrest, Mongeau told her YouTube supporters that her arrest was due to a misunderstanding that occurred after she was discovered by some undercover police officers with cans of Red Bull and vodka in her hand.

The then 18-year-old insisted that she had been arrested for something she was innocent of, and it came out after a paparazzi took a photo of her. She said she had been arrested and charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol, even though she had not drunk it. According to her side of the story, she was standing when a fan who recognized her from YouTube came and decided to get her drinks. She said after she received the drinks, she found herself surrounded by 4 undercover policemen. She said even though she had sipped the drink, she had not drunk it before she was arrested.

The arrest had caused many scenes on YouTube and social media, with people even making T-shirts from her mug shots.

Tana Mongeau Boyfriend

Tana Mongeau Bio, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Why Was She Arrested
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Tana has had a number of relationships so far. Her first was with social media influencer Somer Hollingsworth. The two have been in a relationship since 2015 before finally breaking up in 2017. That was after the YouTube narrator made a video of him giving Kian Lawley a lap dance. Although she insisted that there was nothing sexual about what she was doing because it was only for YouTube, her boyfriend wouldn’t accept it and it led to him breaking up with her.

Although she never said anything about her sexuality, Tana Mongeau got into a relationship with the American actress and singer Bella Thorne, who had previously come out as bisexual. The relationship between the two, which began in 2017, did not last long before it broke up.

At present, it is not known that Mongeau has a boyfriend or is in any other relationship with anyone.

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Net Worth

Whatever you may say about her, Tana Mongeau is a different kind of person from almost everything you know about her. Aside from making money on her YouTube channel and social networking sites, she has been able to reconcile her various controversies, including her leaks, which she turned into merchandise, just as she did with her mug shots.

According to this, her net worth was estimated at 350 to 750,000 dollars. With everything she does, there will be little surprise if she reaches the million mark anytime soon.

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