Tarek El Moussa Bio, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Religion, Age, Divorce, Girlfriend

Tarek El Moussa does not need to be introduced to all lovers of flip or flop, but for the sake of those who are not fans of the show, Tarek El Moussa is a real estate agent who is popular as the host of Flip or Flop (a television series that will be broadcast on HGTV since 2013).

He is also popular as the husband of the show’s co-host, Christina El Moussa, until January 2018, when the couple finalized their divorce after being separated in 2015.

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Tarek El Moussa Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Tarek was born on August 21, 1981, in Long Beach, California. He grew up in Buena Park, California.

However, there are inconsistencies in the information about his ethnic origin, as sources suggest that his father is an Egyptian-born Moroccan. There is no other information about his parents, siblings, ethnicity, early origin, or educational background.

Tarek El Moussa Bio, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Religion, Age, Divorce, Girlfriend
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There has been so much speculation about the religion and religious beliefs of Tarek El Moussa. Some people think he is a Muslim because his ethnicity goes back to Egypt and his last name sounds Islamic, while others think he is Jewish, whatever it is, we will have to wait until he can clear this up.

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His Rise…

According to his HGTV profile, Tarek received his real estate license at the age of 21, long before he and his ex-wife started to remodel their homes and create a niche for themselves in a very short time, making a lot of money.

As with many other companies, the journey was not so easy. Tarek went into the real estate business after he got his license and he was doing well until the crash on the housing market in 2008 almost bankrupted him and he had to start almost from scratch.

Tarek remembered driving around scouts’ houses in the early morning hours after their addresses were listed on the auction site.

In an interview, he also remembered that before the fame of the flip or flop came, he had no real experience in knocking over houses, and yet he was willing to give it a try. He also remembered that they had no capital to start up and that they (he and his ex) had worked out a plan and went looking for capital from family and friends and that they didn’t get a penny because everyone thought they were just crazy.

A breakthrough came in 2011 when Tarek and a friend made an audition tape on which they turned a house from start to finish and sent it to HGTV. A year later they were offered a weekly slot to host Flip or Flop – a show dedicated to buying and selling homes in Southern California.

According to him, at the beginning of the show, HGTV was not sure if it would go well, so HGTV was offered the 11 pm show. But to his amazement and that of many others, the show has achieved much more than expected, reaching more than 1 million viewers by the end of its first season. The show grew so much that by August 2016 it had become the most-watched show on cable with around 2.864 million viewers.

Tarek and his ex-wife Christina made the leap to the top by using the show to showcase their real estate and interior design expertise in a show where they find, buy, renovate and profitably turn homes.

About His Divorce And New Girlfriend

As mentioned above, Tarek El Moussa was married to his partner in the HGTV show Christina El Moussa from 2009 to 2015. Although the divorce was executed in January 2018, the two separated in 2015.

Tarek El Moussa Bio, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Religion, Age, Divorce, Girlfriend
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Tarek was the first to file for divorce in December 2016 and Christina filed for divorce six months later. They have two lovely children together, Taylor El Moussa (born 22 December 2010) and Brayden El Moussa (born 2015).

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In the meantime, they have moved on with their lives. Christina was connected to a man named Gary Anderson, then to Nate Thompson, and currently to the British television personality Ant Anstead.

Tarek is also said to have dated his children’s nanny, Alyssa Logan, but he is currently associated with the underwear model Patience Silva, and they are said to be in love.

Tarek El Moussa Net Worth

In view of his recent divorce and the questions of how to divide the assets jointly owned with his ex, it is somewhat difficult to say categorically how much Tarek is currently worth.

But in 2013 he announced to The Orange County Register that she (he and his ex) earned $10,000 for each episode of Flip or Flop and her net worth was about $4 million.

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