Tony Romo’s Ex-girlfriends And List Of Ladies He Has Dated In The Past

Antonio Ramiro Romo, whom you most likely know as Tony Romo, has had an eventful career as a football player. In the heyday of his career, he became one of the greatest Dallas Cowboys of all time, and it was at this time that he earned the title of the most desirable bachelor among all American sports professionals. As a result, the football star was associated with many similar “entitled” celebrities who were equally successful in different areas of life.

Tony Romo’s Ex-girlfriends And List Of Ladies He Has Dated In The Past
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He was associated with many video women and dated a few A-list singers in particular. Surprisingly, Tony Romo did not take any of them to the altar but married a beauty contest instead. Since then, the ex-footballer has been enjoying his married life, and we hope it continues. Let’s find out who Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriends are.

Tony Romo Ex-Girlfriends and List of Ladies He has Dated in The Past

  • Carrie Underwood
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With Carrie Underwood, Romo had his first taste of love as a celebrity. The two had been meeting since 2007 and were apparently head over heels in love, so the news spread everywhere in the media. They flew out to be together at the time of their birthdays and even appeared as a couple at the 2007 ACM Awards.

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In October of the same year, the media were inundated with the bizarre news of their breakup. At that time, Underwood let us know how bleak the relationship between the two was, even though it seemed perfect from the outside.

She described Tony Romo in an interview as a guy who did her wrong, further explaining that at the time he was totally in love with football and not really with her. Candice shocked us all the more when she revealed that Romo hated it when people thought he was paying more attention to her than football and that they thought that was the reason he sometimes performed badly. The two paths then parted and she is now counted as one of Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriends, the first.

  • Jessica Simpson And Tony Romo
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After Candice came Jessica Simpson. The two began to meet shortly after his separation from Underwood in 2007 and were a couple until 2009.

They met in November 2007, when Simpson and her family watched him play, saw each other, and were introduced, they quickly connected and began their friendship. Jessica reportedly kissed Romo on their first date, and it was so obvious to everyone that they both loved each other very much.

However, at the cradle of their relationship, it was obvious that their careers (rather Romo’s) would get in the way of their love life. In December 2007, Jessica was accused by football fans of distracting Tony Romo in a game he played worst in his career. Tony and his girlfriend handled the situation maturely; they went on several trips and went on vacation as a couple, and even when Simpson was reviled in social media for looking much heavier, Tony took her on a date in a kind of reaction to that.

As Jessica’s 29th birthday approached on July 9, 2009, she and her crush were both very excited about this special day, and each of them wrote in social media about how special it would be for them both. But hardly anyone suspected that Tony Romo would break the pretty woman’s heart in the most heartless way imaginable.

The night before her birthday, the NFL star took time out for his relationship with Simpson after surviving many storms and a myriad of break-up rumors. Contrary to what many people would wish for, Skip Bayless, host of Fox Sports 1 Show Undisputed, described the relationship between the two as “stormy” during one of his shows, citing that the athlete almost ruined his career because of it: paying more attention to her rather than the game, which caused him to lose focus on the field.

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On the positive side for Simpson, who was dumped the night before her birthday, is that she is now married to former NFL star Eric Johnson, with whom she now has two children: Maxwell and Ace.

  • Candice Crawford
Tony Romo’s Ex-girlfriends And List Of Ladies He Has Dated In The Past
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Perhaps what cost Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriends dearly became abundant in Candice Crawford, as they not only dated each other, but their relationship culminated in a marriage, and the two are still married today and have children to prove their connection.

Tony Romo and Candice Crawford started dating in 2009 and things were going pretty well between them. When another breakup was expected, as Romo’s affair with his career seemed to take precedence over that of him and the women, the former NFL quarterback walked down the aisle with his admirer, former Miss Missouri, and TV host, on May 28, 2011. Today they play the parent role for their two dear children: Hawkins Crawford Romo, born April 9, 2012, and Rivers Romo, born March 18, 2014.

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