Jessica Vanessa Biography, Family Life and Other Facts To Know About Her

Many people have managed to find various things that would help them earn a living and become famous. For Jessica Vanessa, it started with video sketches and comedy and then dancing and performing on social media. Since becoming a viral individual thanks to her Instagram posts and videos, she has attracted a lot of interest. Here are things you need to know about her:

Jessica Vanessa Biography and Family Life

The social media celebrity was born on April 13, 1992, in Orlando Florida as Jessica Vanessa DeLeon. She grew up alongside her brother Joshua, who helps her create her videos.

Although very little is known about her family, she has enjoyed their support as she continues to do what she does, especially her teasing, including her grandmother, who she describes as wild and crazy. According to this, it is her father, Raphael Deleon, who has some reservations about what she is doing because he believes that many people will find it inappropriate. Nevertheless, he gives her the necessary support.

Jessica Vanessa Biography, Family Life and Other Facts To Know About Her
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As Jessica grew up of Puerto Rican descent, she watched various music videos for fun, and soon she began to learn more and more dance steps, with no inclination to think that this might one day be her source of wealth and fame.

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She first started to publish videos on Vine, even before she introduced Twerking to her business. At that time she concentrated on doing comedy sketches before she went dancing later. Her first sketch in which she introduced dancing was in How to clean your room and wop. It wasn’t one of her biggest on YouTube, but she enjoyed the massive exchange on Tumblr and views on Vine.

After spending several years entertaining many in her own way, Vanessa has nearly 120 thousand subscribers on YouTube, nearly 3 million followers on Vine, and over a million followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

Jessica Vanessa earns her money with the videos she shoots on her social media and on YouTube. Thanks to these videos she is paid to promote the products and services of various companies online. She also earns money from people who pay her to promote her songs.

Her exact net worth is still unknown, but she does good for herself.

Jessica Vanessa Biography, Family Life and Other Facts To Know About Her
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  • Probably because of the way she dances, you may not believe it, but she grew up as a very shy child who never felt comfortable dancing in front of others. Nevertheless, the people she came into contact with during her development helped her to become more sociable.
  • You will find that people claim that she only dances online. This is not true, because she makes various dance videos and also funny ones. But she started dancing.
  • She is able to do in 6 seconds through her videos what it took her four months as a kindergarten teacher.

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  • Jessica Vanessa DeLeon loves working with children, but she decided to give it up because it is not worth it. So she left it for the social network that pays her overwhelmingly more.
  • When she started at Vine, Jessica only had 20 followers. Soon, however, she entered a competition organized by a celebrity in the wine industry named Eric Dunn, who happened to like her video. This allowed her to quickly rise to two thousand followers within a few days. The rest was the story of her hard work, which paid off a year later.
  • She first came to light when the media reported on her as the girl who left her teacher’s assistant job to become a professional quack. She became more interested in the media after she revealed how she was able to get out of debt, pay off her school loan and even buy a car, which she paid for in full thanks to her dances on social media.
  • It didn’t go very smoothly for her, as she suffered some mishaps that almost caused her to delete her social media accounts. This was mainly the result of some mean comments and attacks she received from people who considered her a whore for whoring. She revealed that this brought a lot of sadness upon her, but she was able to override this.
  • No, Jessica Vanessa does not believe she will return to the classroom as she does not miss work from 9 am to 5 am.

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