Who Is Adonis Stevenson? His Bio, Height, Weight, Boxing Career
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More than anything else, we can comfortably say that the legacy of the celebrated boxer Adonis Stevenson is marked by his rise from prison to fame. Adonis is a Canadian professional boxer who comes from Haiti. The famous fighter happens to be one of the last boxers trained by the legendary boxer, Emanuel Steward.

Stevenson is known for his extraordinary punching power and amazing hand speed in the ring. He has made a name for himself in the field of boxing through his very impressive skills. His rise from grass to grace has earned him the attention of numerous fans and aroused the curiosity of many people who want to learn more about him. Let us clarify this here…

Bio – Who Is Adonis Stevenson?

The Canadian boxing champion was born on September 22nd, 1977 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Although very little is known about his family background, it is on record that he swapped his first name and his family name to get his current name. At the tender age of seven, the young Adonis moved with his family to Quebec, and by the time he was 14, he was already a street child and soon joined a violent gang and adopted a criminal lifestyle.

Who Is Adonis Stevenson? His Bio, Height, Weight, Boxing Career
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He served 18 months of a four-year prison sentence when he was found guilty in 1988 after a criminal trial for assault, threats, and prostitution management. While in prison, he knocked out a fellow inmate who fell into a coma, and after he was released from prison in 2001, Adonis vowed never to return.

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Barely four years after his life in prison, Adonis Stevenson began to make progress in boxing. As an amateur boxer, he left behind an astonishing record and collected several titles and awards, including middleweight in 2004, Canadian national title in 2005 and 2006, and the silver medal at the XVII Commonwealth Games held in Australia.

Pro Boxing Career

Adonis became a professional boxer in September 2006. He soon earned the nickname “Superman” because of his extraordinary left-hand punching power. His amazing exploits in the ring immediately resembled the reports of his youthful escapades when he became a notorious boxer.

A glance at the boxer’s record shows that despite his late start (he started his boxing career at the age of 28), he has achieved extraordinary achievements in boxing. Adonis holds a rare statistic of 26:1 with 21 knockout victories, which the boxing community was very enthusiastic about.

In his esteemed career, the famous boxer has defeated boxing champions such as Andrzej Fonfara, Sakio Bika, and Tony Bellew. Since 2013 Adonis holds titles in WBC and linear light heavyweight. He also held the title of Ring magazine in the light heavyweight division from 2013 to 2015.

Who Is Adonis Stevenson? His Bio, Height, Weight, Boxing Career
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As mentioned above, at the end of his imprisonment Adonis Stevenson made a vow never to return to prison. This was the only reason why he passionately pursued a boxing career after regaining his freedom. For him, boxing was the only chance to get his life in order.

As an amateur, he lost no time in hinting at his intention to dominate the martial arts. Stevenson set a 33-5 record and in 2004 he won the amateur 160-pound title in Quebec. He won the silver medal at the 2006 Australian Common Wealth Games in Melbourne after losing to Australian Jarod Fletcher in the final. Adonis’ silver was the only medal won by a Canadian boxer at the Games.

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In the same year (sometime in September) the ex-convict was to investigate what fate had in store for him at the professional level. After an amazing record of 9-0 with seven knockout victories, the veteran left-hander triumphed unanimously over David Whittom in 10 rounds. That was in December 2007 and earned him the vacant Canadian 168 pound title.

The Canadian boxer continued to climb the ladder of success as he climbed up the rankings, defeating opponents like Anthony Bonsante, Dhafir Smith, and Jermain Mackey. Darnell Boone was responsible for his first defeat as a professional boxer, Adonis lost the fight in April 2010 in the second round via the TKO. In his illustrious professional boxing career so far, the celebrated boxer has had a total of 30 fights with 29 victories. His victories through the TKO are numbered at 24 with only one defeat. This is of course an amazing record for someone who started his boxing career late in life.

Stevenson’s Height and Weight

The completed boxer stands at a height of 1.80 m (5 feet 11 inches). He fights with his body weight of 79 kg in the super middleweight and light heavyweight class. His range is measured at 77 inches, which is about 196 cm.