Who Is Curtis Harper? His Biography, Height, Weight, Body Stats

There are several prominent boxers who have distinguished themselves in the world of heavyweight boxing. While those like Wladimir Klitschko, Joe Louis, and Tyson Fury continue to dominate the ring as heavyweight champions, there are up-and-coming fighters like Curtis Harper who have fought their way through the major league titles.

Harper is an African American boxer known for his resilience and great orthodox fighting technique. Although he is not one of the greats, Curtis has remarkable potential in martial arts and has become a fixture. He kept the media on tenterhooks after he left the ring the moment he heard the opening bell. The boxer saw his action as a means of protesting against the underpayment by his managers.

Of course, the action upset the fans and confused the commentators, as the planned fight against the Nigerian undefeated boxer Efe Ajagba was decided in favor of Ajagba due to the disqualification. Read on and learn more interesting facts about this guy.

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Biography – Who Is Curtis Harper?

Curtis Harper is an American professional boxer who competes in the heavyweight class. Since the boxer turned pro in 2010, he has fought 19 professional fights, of which he has only lost six. Harper has fought against many challengers for world titles, including Gerald Washington, Efe Ajagba, and Chris Arreola. Unfortunately, he has not yet won a title for himself.

Curtis Harper was born on June 25, 1988, in Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States. He was born the son of black American parents Harper and his wife. The boxer grew up in Jacksonville, where he completed his basic training before he seriously began his boxing career.

Who Is Curtis Harper? His Biography, Height, Weight, Body Stats
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Although it was difficult to give the exact time of the beginning of his boxing career, it is known that he participated in various youth boxing competitions organized in his neighborhood in Jacksonville. After several years in the amateur league, Curtis ended his youth career in 2009 and became a professional boxer the following year. It is said that Curtis was one of the toughest fighters during his youth career. This is hard to believe as he did not win many titles.

Professional Career

Curtis Harper made his professional debut in February 2010 against Yasmany Consuegra. The fight took place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood. As a newcomer, Curtis did not create many opportunities in the game, which he lost to Yasmany by a knockout. He celebrated his first professional win in 2011 after knocking out David Loy in the second round.

Curtis continued to do a good job while improving his games. In August 2011 he had his third match against Lamar Davis and was declared the winner at the end of the fight over ten rounds. The boxer also thrilled his many fans when he easily triumphed over his opponent Nathaniel James in December of the same year.

Harper fought four fights in 2012 and had a winning streak against Michael Davis, Joseph Rabotte, Donell Gray, and Dustin Nichols. He suffered his first major defeat against the challenger for the world championship title, Gerald Washington – he was knocked out in a fight over ten rounds. Against Donovan Dennis, the American boxer suffered his third defeat in his professional career in July 2013. After that, he triumphed over the next five opponents he faced.

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In 2015 he lost to Chris Arreola by unanimous decision, and in 2017 he was knocked out in a fight against Zhilei Zhang. Also last year Curtis won against Andrew Greeley. It was in August 2018 when the boxer ended the fight against Efe Ajagba. While everyone was looking forward to a good exchange of blows, the rising star stepped out of the ring after the bell rang and left the arena.

After the incident, it turned out that he had stopped the fight because he felt he did not get enough money for the fight. His Nigerian opponent was declared the winner by disqualification.

Height, Weight, and Body Stats

While still fighting his way to the top, Curtis Harper is a very good fighter with an orthodox attitude. He has a well-built body and a great physique. Curtis stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches and fights in the heavyweight class. Granted, this means that he has a body weight of 200 pounds or more, his exact body weight and other measurements are not known.

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