Who Is Sal Governale (Sal The Stockbroker), Wife, Divorce, Salary

Sal Governale or Sal The Stockbroker, as we have all come to address him, is a person that many are looking for on the Howard Stern Show. Sal was originally a frequent caller on the show, making fun of Gary Dell’Abate, the show’s then-executive producer. The Stern took note of him, and when the show’s mainstay, Stuttering John, left the show, he (the Stern) held an on-air contest called “Win John’s Job” and Sal Governale was one of the candidates.

Although he eventually lost the first position to Richard Christy, Sal was awarded a second position as the stuttering caller/writer of the show, a position he held until his promotion to the producer.

Sal Governale Brief Bio

Sal Governale was born on 24 October 1968 in Long Island, New York City, as Salvatore C. Governale. His parents are devout Muslims whose descent can be traced back to North Africa. Sal is said to have converted to Catholicism as a teenager because he did not like his birth religion.

Who Is Sal Governale (Sal The Stockbroker), Wife, Divorce, Salary
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As a teenager, Sal Governale worked in his father’s kebab shop, where he often slaughtered lambs in the alley. As a teenager he was not sufficiently coordinated to play sports, so he became more involved in activities such as break dancing and rapping.

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Career And Rise To Fame

After high school, Sal went to community college with the intention of studying radiology, but soon dropped out and started looking for work. After several short-lived jobs, he soon found solace on the stock market as a stockbroker and worked tirelessly in the boiler room operations (outbound call centers) to sell penny stocks to widows and orphans.

Many of his employees were convicted of securities fraud, Sal only escaped prison by agreeing to testify against his colleagues. While working as a stockbroker, he had the pleasure of stopping by the Howard Stern Show to make prank phone calls and mock the show’s then-executive producer, Gary Dell’Abate. After finishing second in the “Win John’s Job” competition, he was hired as a writer for the show.

Sal Governale took the stage name “Sal The Stockbroker” and soon became known on the show for his prank phone calls and the many stunts he performs on the show with Richard Christy. Sai denies being a racist, although she displays blatant racial humor in the show as well as in stand-up performances.

Howard has repeatedly said that Sal and Richard’s appearance on the show was more fun than it was before they arrived, and the fans seem to agree with that completely.

Who Is Sal Governale (Sal The Stockbroker), Wife, Divorce, Salary
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Salary/Net Worth

The radio personality and comedian Sal Governale have accumulated $400,000 in net worth and his salary is estimated at $80,000. His earnings come largely from his work as a writer and comedian on the Howard Stern Show.

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Sal Governale (Sal The Stockbroker), Wife, Divorce

Sal has been married to Christine Governale since 1996 and they are parents of three boys born in 1999, 2001, and 2003 respectively. Christine is reportedly working as a companion.

Rumors of divorce have put a strain on their marriage, but interestingly, the couple is still together.

Sal’s last son Aaron was in the studio in 2016 for a spelling contest against Ronnie Mund, and while in the studio the boy made some shocking revelations about his father and what life at home is like. The brilliant boy revealed that most discipline in the home is exercised by the mother, as all children usually only laugh when their father loses his temper.

Other Facts

There were rumors that Sal was not a real stockbroker, but a fraud who worked with a “fly by night” company that sold fake shares to innocent people.

Sal the stockbroker and some other popular faces on Stern’s Show like Jim Florentine, Reverend Bob Levy, Shuli, Yucko the Clown and Richard Christy are all part of the killers on the comedy tour. The group traveled the country with stand-up comedy, jokes, and sketches. They are sometimes joined by Gary the Retard, Beetlejuice, The Iron Sheik, and Bigfoot.

Governale said summer school was a ritual for him, but quickly added that it was also a short break for him, as he didn’t have to work in his father’s store on hot days and mild cooler evenings.

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