Xander Bogaerts Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Measurements

Xander Bogaerts is a professional baseball player from Aruba who has made a name for himself in Major League Baseball (MLB) and plays for the Boston Red Sox. As a shortstop/third baseman, he also plays for the Dutch baseball team. A baseball world champion and world champion of the baseball world championship, you can find out everything about him here.

Xander Bogaerts Bio

On October 1, 1992, the MLB star was born as Xander Jan Bogaerts in the capital Oranjestad on Aruba. The boy, who was to grow up from the Dutch Caribbean island to become the greatest baseball player, was born as the twin of Jair Bogaerts, who now works as an agent.

Popular as an X-Man, Xander was raised by his uncle and mother from the age of two alongside his brother, who also played professional baseball. At this very young age, his father had moved to Hong Kong, and the responsibility of bringing up the boys was left to his mother and uncle: Glenroy Brown. He also has a sister, Chandra Bogaerts.

Xander Bogaerts Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Measurements
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Even as small children, Xander, and his brother were taught baseball by their uncle. For the Boston Red Sox, he was trained to hit almond balls. This was to get him used to hit smaller balls so that when the real ball game, he could make very big misses.

His way to become an MLB star is very interesting. It was the day that Mike Lord, who was the Red Sox scout at the time, came to the island in search of young talent when Xander fell ill with smallpox. After the exercise, Lord asked if anyone else could be put on trial, whereupon Jair Bogaerts, who was the best of the 9 boys put on trial, said his brother was even better than him. With their mother’s permission, Xander was allowed to try and after they were beyond any doubt, he and his brother were soon signed up by the Red Sox.

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Xander Bogaerts, after being signed, started in the Junior League by playing for the Red Sox in the Dominican Summer League (DSL). He was 17 years old at the time, but by the time he was 18, he was playing in Greenville Drive.

He made his MLB debut in 2013 when he played in the game against the San Francisco Giants. Although he started his debut season late, he made a big impression and helped his team win the World Series while becoming the youngest player to score a triple hit in World Series history.

Xander Bogaerts would continue his good runs in the next and following seasons and compete in the MLB All-Star Game 2016.

Bogaerts received the call to the Dutch national team before the 2011 World Baseball Championship, which the team eventually won.

Aside from winning with his team, he has also recorded some personal achievements such as being named Minor League Player of the Year by USA Today, as well as being named Baseball America Minor League All-Star Team both in 2013.

Girlfriend and Wife

Xander Bogaerts is undoubtedly a handsome man who is also very successful, so he has all the qualities that most women have for datable men. Nevertheless, he has not had many relationships in the past. In fact, the only known fact is that he has seriously dated only one woman, Janelly Martinez. Very little is known about her, but the two have been together for a long time.

In 2004 he made a big mistake when he posted a picture of another woman on his Twitter. After a short time, he deleted the tweet from his account and said he didn’t want to distract the team.

With this hint, the baseball star still has no wife because she is not married.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

Bogaerts is a big man who has size and endurance as well as good speed. The interesting thing about his general build is that he has complimented and completed his skills, which makes him the great player he is. Expressed in numbers, he stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch and a bodyweight of 215 lbs.

In terms of his general weight and measurements, he has a good general build, although this is not intended in public.

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