All You Need To Know About Javier Solis – The Mexican Singer
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Javier Solis was a well-known Mexican musician and actor whose contributions to his country’s entertainment industry should not be forgotten so quickly. Although he is no longer alive, his legacy has lasted for so many years. He was best known as a member of the group of Mexican entertainers called “The Three Roosters” and as the Mexican singer of the Ranchera Bolero, who achieved great fame in the 1950s and early 1960s. While he was on his way to the peak of his musical career, his life was shortened after an unsuccessful gall bladder operation; he left this world at the age of 34. Learn everything you need to know about the talented singer and actor below.

All You Need To Know About Javier Solis – The Mexican Singer

Early Life

Javier Solis was born on September 1, 1931, as Gabriel Siria Levario in Mexico City, Mexico. He was born the son of Mexican parents – Francisco Siria Mora and his wife Juana Levario Plata. His father worked both as a butcher and baker, while his mother was a merchant. Life was not exactly rosy for Solis, as his father left her when he was very young. His mother, who could not cope with this, also left Solis with his uncle Valentin and his wife Angela Lopez Martinez, who Solis grew up with and whom he considered his real parents.

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Before becoming a teenager, Solis had already dropped out of school so that he could work and support his family. He attended Tacubaya Elementary School, and after he left school, Solis tried so many things, including picking glass and bones and working as a carrier in a supermarket. He also worked as a butcher, carpenter, baker, car washer, and trained as an amateur boxer. However, he was not successful with his efforts. But he certainly had one thing he was good at, and that was music, for which he later became a star.

 Javier Solis Career Beginnings

When he worked as a butcher, Solis often took part in singing competitions, and once his boss heard him sing, and was so impressed by his untapped talent. From that moment on he helped Solis by recommending a singing teacher and paying for his music lessons at the same time. When he was sixteen years old, Javier Solis went to the city of Puebla, where he began singing with the Mariachi Metepec. However, the young singer only had his breakthrough two years later when he was discovered by Alfredo Gill and Juilto Rodriguez, members of the famous Latin music group Los Panchos.

The stars helped the up-and-coming soloists get a record deal after an audition on CBS Records. He signed a contract with CBS Records in 1950, after which he dropped his first album later that year. Two years later, he released his first hit, entitled Lioraras. While the song became commercially successful, his producer Felipe Valdez Leal gave him the stage name Javier Solis.

Rise to Prominence

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After his first single was commercially successful, Solis began to gain international attention; he toured Central America, South America, and the United States until 1957. Solis’s songs gained great popularity thanks to his musical style, which includes boleros, corridos, waltzes, ranchers, and danzones. His successful songs include Amanceci En Tus Brazos, Sombras, Payaso, Vereda Tropical, and En Mi Viejo San Juan, to name a few.

In 1959, the talented singer began his acting career; between 1959 and 1966 he appeared in over 20 films. Solis worked with other stars, including Maria Victoria, Pedro, Armendariz, and Antonio Aguilar, to name a few. His last film was released just one year before his death. He was considered one of the three Mexican cocks who, along with Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, made great strides in Mexican music and cinema.

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Final Years and Cause of Death

In 1957, after the death of his co-star Pedro Infante, who died in a plane crash in Merida, Yucatan, Solis’ popularity skyrocketed. Between 1961 and the year he died, Solis released twelve songs that dominated the Mexican charts. The young artist was later diagnosed with an inflammation of the gall bladder, which had to be removed by surgery.

Seven days before his death, Javier Solis performed his song entitled Perdoname Mi Vida on a television show. In the meantime, while the show was on, Solis kept making painful gestures. Although he underwent a cholecystectomy, the operation proved to be unsuccessful. He had complications and also lost his life. He died in Mexico City, and his death occurred on April 19, 1966.

Interestingly, before his death, Solis married a lady named Blanca Estela Saenz. Blanca was a dancer he met at a performance in a local bar called Teatre Lirico in Mexico City. There is no information about his wife’s background, and the amazing couple had no children before his death.