Halle Berry Bio, Kids, Net Worth, Husband, Divorce, Parents and Family Life
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The story of Halle Berry is a typical “rags to riches” story. From humble beginnings Halle Berry has worked her way up to the zenith of her career, winning praise and A-list awards.

Halle Berry Bio

Halle was born on 14 August 1966 as the child of a multiracial family. Her mother Judith Hawkings was half German and English, while her father Jesse Berry was African-American. After the couple separated, Halle and her sister Heidi were raised by their mother. The Berry sisters attended Bedford High School, a pure white school. It was in Bedford that Halle had her first experience of racism and discrimination, a subject she would only come to terms with much later in life.

Despite her challenges, it soon became clear that the young Halle was destined for the limelight. A brilliant student, she was editor of the school’s school newspaper. As a teenager, Halle was also a prom queen and cheerleader.

Halle graduated from high school in 1984 and then moved on to Cuyahoga Community College in Cleaveland, where she studied journalism.

Halle Berry Bio, Kids, Net Worth, Husband, Divorce, Parents and Family Life
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During her studies, Halle invested her time in pursuing her more natural interests: modeling and acting. The pageantry came naturally to Halle, she entered competitions and won Miss Teen Ohio and Miss Teen America. In 1986 she took first second place in the Miss USA contest for Christy Fichtner.

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In the early 1990s, Halle made the decision to leave Chicago and go to New York to make her dreams come true. She started to play smaller roles, her first one being a model in a short TV series, Living Dolls. After health problems that appeared on the set of Living Dolls, she moved to Los Angeles.

She played her first major role in the movie Jungle Fever alongside Samuel L. Jackson. Her impressive performance opened the floodgates for more demanding projects. She played her next role in the 1991 film The Last Boy Scout alongside Bruce Willis. This was followed by the romantic comedy Boomerang in 1992.

Over the years, Halle Berry has appeared in numerous blockbuster films, including X-Men, Die Another Day, Cat Woman, New Year’s Eve, and others.

She won the Oscar for best actress in the film Monsters Ball. She has also won the Golden Globe three times, in 2002, 2006, and 2011.

Halle Berry Husband, Divorce, Kids, and Family Life

Halle Berry has had a rocky love life, to say the least. Shortly after her success in the pageant, Halle went out with John Ronan. The two-year romance ended in October 1991 when he sued Halle for $80,000. He claimed that the sum was a loan he gave Halle at the beginning of her career.

Halle was briefly involved with star actor Wesley Snipes before she finally married Atlanta Braves baller David Justice in 1993. Justice and Halle divorced in 1997.

Halle remarried the musician Eric Benet in 2001 after the couple had been together for two years. The marriage lasted four years, 2001-2005. 10 months after her divorce from Eric, Halle fell in love with the Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, whom she met at a photoshoot in early 2005.

Gabriel and Halle have a daughter, Nahla Ariela, who was born on 16 March 2008. In April 2010 the couple separated and a long-lasting custody dispute arose.

Halle Berry Bio, Kids, Net Worth, Husband, Divorce, Parents and Family Life
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Halle Berry was on the move again, this time it was the actor Olivier Martinez. The couple met in South Africa and started dating barely months after their separation from Gabriel Aubry.

Aubry, Berry, and Martinez were in a protracted three-way legal battle over custody of Nahla. After a few fights and injunctions, the issue was resolved.

Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez were married in July 2013 at Chateau des Conde in France. They welcomed their son Maceo-Robert in October 2013. After a two-year marriage, the two divorced in December 2106.

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Halle Berry’s father Jerome Berry worked as a psychiatric nurse in the hospital where Halle’s mother Judith also worked as a nurse. Their marriage was short-lived.

After incidents of domestic abuse, it was obvious that the marriage was breaking up. Jerome left the home and left his young wife Judith to raise the girls. Halle had not seen or heard from her father since he left home.

Her Net Worth

Beyond her acting career, Halle is also a woman with business sense. She is co-owner of the French lingerie brand Scandale Paris and launched her perfume line Halle in 2009. She also supports global brands like Versace and Revlon.

She owns an $8 million villa in Malibu, Los Angeles, and another luxurious $15 million home in Hollywood Los Angeles. With an estimated annual income of around $6 million, Halle Berry has a net worth of $70 million.