Pearl Gonzalez Biography, Facts and Everything You Need To Know

A tough cook who has definitely asserted herself in the male-dominated world of mixed martial arts is Pearl Gonzalez. She is currently fighting in the strawweight class of the Invicta Fighting Championship. Her career started in September 2009, but she made her professional debut in February 2012.

Prior to her contract with Invicta, Pearl Gonzalez competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC). Her fighting prowess includes her victory over Cortney Casey – a rival she faced in 2013, which earned her the position of champion in the women’s XFC strawweight category.

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Pearl Gonzalez Biography

Pearl Gonzalez was born in Chicago Illinois on August 12, 1986, which makes her an American citizen, although her ethnic background is a mixture of Irish, Mexican, African-American, Filipino, and Puerto Rican. There is no indication of the identity of her parents and siblings, but according to the official biography of the MMA fighter, she spent her formative years in a poverty-stricken neighborhood of Chicago. When her parents pulled the plug on her marriage, Pearl ended up with her father, who raised her as a single parent, while her other siblings went to her mother. She also spent time with relatives while her parents, who were alcohol and drug addicts, tried to get clean.

Pearl Gonzalez – Biography, Facts and Everything You Need To Know
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When he finally got clean, her father enrolled her in a martial arts class at the young age of 11, but she had to retire after a while to care for her younger sister. Pearl Gonzalez returned to martial arts at the age of 21 and created a niche for herself in the world of mixed martial arts.

Facts To Know About Pearl

1. Career Attainment

Although Pearl Gonzalez started her career as an amateur in 2008, she started professional fighting in 2012. Pearl Gonzalez signed with many clubs such as the Hoosier Fight Club, the Xtreme Fighting Championship, the Splode Fight Series, and the Xtreme Fighting Organization. Before her contract with the UFC, she had already set a record of 6-1. She made her promotional debut at the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the UFC 210 against Cynthia Calvillo on April 8, 2017, although she lost by a backward choke.

Pearl met Poliana Botelho in her second fight at UFC 216 on October 7, 2017, and lost again by a unanimous decision. The UFC had to dismiss her after the two defeats, and shortly thereafter she signed up for Invicta Fighting Championships.

Her publicity debut at Invicta took place on March 24, 2018; this time luck seemed to be on her side, as she won the fight by unanimous decision. On May 4, 2018, she also won her second fight against Barbara Acioly. On September 1, 2018, Pearl Gonzalez met Daiane Firmino, and she still won the fight unanimously. On February 15, 2019, Pearl Gonzalez fought again for the free flyweight title at FC Invicta 34 against Vanessa Porto.

2. Her Net Worth

Her first and second fights with the UFC earned her the sum of $12,500 and $10,000, respectively. She also raised a good amount through sponsorship contracts and sponsorship with brands like PRO-TF. Her net worth is currently estimated at $400,000.

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3. Height, Weight, and Body Features

The height of Pearl Gonzalez is indicated as 5 feet 4 inches and a corresponding body weight of 52 kg. Not much is known about the rest of her body statistics, but it is said that she once went under the knife for breast implants.

4. Relationship History

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The name Pearl Gonzalez is romantically linked only with Javier Keyser, who earns his living as an officer in the US Navy. The couple had a long relationship that culminated in a wedding ceremony in Imperial Beach, California, in May 2013. Although their career leaves them little time to enjoy their relationship as a couple, they seem happy with their situation. Pearl has revealed that she lives partly in San Diego, where her husband’s base is located. The couple has no children yet.

5. Life Before Fame

Prior to her UFC contract, Pearl Gonzalez held three jobs at once to raise her then 15-year-old sister. According to the MMA artist, she was employed as a brand ambassador and veterinary assistant, and also had smaller jobs, such as an extra in commercials and films. She describes herself as an actress, fighter, model, and sportswoman.

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