Jude Law Biography Children, Wife, Net Worth And Family Life

Jude Law is an English actor who has proved to be quite versatile over the years. He entered the entertainment industry in the early 90s and has created an incredible filmography. Shortly before the end of the 90s Law received his first BAFTA award for his supporting role in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Decades have passed and Jude Law is still an important part of the film industry. The French government awarded him an honorary César in 2007 and made him a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. In addition to film and television, Jude Law also has an extensive portfolio in the theatre sector.

Jude Law Biography

Jude Law was born with the performing arts in his genes. Both his parents, Margaret Anne (née Heyworth) and Peter Robert Law, are not only passionate performers but have also made careers in the industry. Law’s father occasionally works as an actor but focuses more on education. Together with his wife, he runs an acting school and theatre in Vaudelnay, France, where they also live.

After his birth on 29 December 1972 in Lewisham, London, England, Law’s parents named him David Jude Heyworth Law after the book Jude the Obscure and the Beatles song “Hey Jude”. Law has a sister, Andrea Natasha Law, who is a painter and graphic designer living in London.

Jude Law Biography – Children, Wife, Net Worth And Family Life
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Jude Law grew up in Blackheath in the borough of Greenwich. He attended several schools including John Ball Primary School, Kidbrooke School, and Alleyn’s School in Dulwich in South London.

Jude Law grew up to follow in his parents’ footsteps naturally. He became a member of the National Youth Music Theatre at the age of 13 and has appeared in numerous productions. After leaving school at the age of 16, he continued to work as a theatre actor and got roles in British television shows.

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He made his film debut in 1994 with Shopping, which earned him widespread recognition. However, Law struggled to gain a foothold in the cinema scene and was only at his best in the theatre until the late 1990s when he silenced the critics with his role as Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Since then he has never looked back and continues to be active both on stage and in film.

Jude Law Net Worth

Jude Law is an incredibly successful entertainer with a career that many could only wish for. His role in the production of blockbuster movies that were successful at the box office has led to him going home with fat paychecks. He earned $10 million each for his roles in Sherlock Holmes, Cold Mountain, and Closer. The net worth of Jude Law was estimated at $45 million.

Family Life – Wife and Children

Jude Law loves children, and he has made sure he gets many of them, even if it means getting them from separated women. At the time of writing this article, Jude Law has fathered five children with three different women, one of whom was once his wife.

On the set of the British action thriller Shopping (1994) Jude Law met and fell in love with the English actress and fashion designer Sadie Frost. The couple married on September 2, 1997, and enjoyed their union until October 29, 2003, when they divorced.

Jude Law Biography – Children, Wife, Net Worth And Family Life
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Their marriage produced three of Law’s children, including two sons and a daughter named Iris Law. Of his three children with Frost, Iris, who has a career as a model, is the most popular. She was born on 25 October 2000 in London, England. She began her modeling career in 2015 when she made her debut for Illustrated People. Iris, who is under contract with the London TESS management, was featured in Miu Miu’s Resort Lookbook 2017. She was also featured in several Burberry Beauty campaigns. She wrote her GCSEs in 2017.

Jude Law had a brief relationship with American model Samantha Burke in 2008, which led to her pregnancy, which was announced on July 29, 2009. Her daughter Sophia was born in New York in 2009.

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Law’s baby number 5 was born through his relationship with English singer-songwriter Catherine Harding. Their daughter Ada was born in March 2015.

In addition to the women with whom he fathered children, Jude Law was involved with many other women, including his Alfie colleague Sienna Miller, whom he engaged before cheating on her with his children’s nanny. Since 2018, he has been dating his girlfriend Phillipa Coan, with whom he has had a relationship from time to time.

Jude Law may not raise his family in a regular family environment, but he is very involved in the lives of each of his children and is loyal to his alimony payments.

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