Who Is Ashley Olsen Dating – Her Boyfriend, Husband And Relationships
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Ever heard of the Olsen twins? They are the two amazing stars who achieved fame at a very young age. The inseparable couple – Mary-Kate Olsen and her sister Ashley Olsen have made giant strides in the American entertainment industry thanks to their exceptional acting and entrepreneurial skills. They began acting at the age of nine months and have played remarkable roles in various films and television series, including Full House, Winning London, Holiday in the Sun, and Passport to Paris, to name a few. In addition to their exceptional acting skills, they founded a production company called Dualstar Entertainment in the 1990s and are also known for their fashion line called Real fashion For Real Girls.

Ashley Fuller Olsen was born on June 13, 1986, the daughter of real estate developer David Olsen and his wife Jarnette Olsen, a personal manager, and her twin sister. They have an older brother Trent Olsen and a younger sister Elizabeth Olsen. Like her twin sister, Ashley graduated from Campbell Hall School in Los Angeles and also earned her bachelor’s degree from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

Ashley and her sister began their career as child stars and starred in several films for which they became famous. They retired from acting in 2004. They started their own fashion line called Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate: Real fashion for Real Girls. Ashley Olsen has also amassed a huge fortune for herself, and her net worth is over $300 million.

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Who is Ashley Olsen Dating?

Ashley has been in the spotlight for a long time, and her love life is of interest to her fans. She has had several relationships with well-known celebrities and businessmen. In addition to her twin sister, Ashley is known to have unusual relationships with successful millionaires who are almost twice her age. Most recently Ashley had a relationship with the famous art dealer Richard Sachs, who is twenty-eight years older than her. The couple began dating in 2016, and after five months of a romantic relationship, they went their separate ways.

There is no news about Ashley’s current relationship, but she has had other relationships with other rich guys. Below you will learn more about Ashley’s relationships over the years, her friends, and dating.

Ashley Olsen’s Boyfriend, Husband, and Relationship Timeline

1. Matt Kaplan

Ashley had a relationship with the American film producer Matthew Kaplan. When they met in 2001, their relationship lasted until 2004 before they went their separate ways. After their separation, Kaplan married the Australian actress and Vampire Diaries star, Claire Holt. The couple announced their engagement in 2015, and the following year they entered into a marriage. After a year of marriage, they went their separate ways after a series of irreconcilable differences.

2. Scott Sartiano

Her next encounter was with the former tennis player and famous American gastronome Scott Sartiano. The duo had a brief relationship from 2004 to 2005. Sartiano is known as the owner of the remarkable butter restaurant in New York City and a nightclub called 10Ak, which he founded in 2007. After their brief romance, Sartiano married a model named Allie Rizzo in 2014. He had also dated other movie stars including Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway.

3. Greg Chait

Greg Chait is one of the people who shape the global fashion industry, and he is the founder of the popular fashion line The Elder Statesman. Ashley started dating Chait in 2005, and in less than two years they went their separate ways in January 2007. After their separation, Ashley had an affair with Lance Edward Armstrong, an American cycling pro. Their short-lived romance ended after a few months in the same year.

4. Justin Bartha

Ashley has been dating the brilliant American actor Justin Bartha since 2008. Justin is best known for his appearances in blockbuster films, including the NBC comedy series entitled The New Normal, The Hangover Trilogy, and the National Treasure film series. He is currently one of the casts of CBS’ political drama The Good Fight. After about three years of romantic relationships, the two went separate ways in 2011. While there were rumors that Ashley was starting to date Johnny Depp, Justin married Lia Smith, an American fitness trainer, in 2014, and both have a daughter named Asa Charlotte.

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5. David Schulte

While the burning desire of former full house stars to date rich and successful older men continued to grow, she fell into the arms of David Schulte, a millionaire, and CEO of luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples. The duo had a short-lived romance that lasted only a few months before it ended. After their separation in January 2014, the two lovebirds were spotted several times, but they never got back together.

6. Bennett Miller

Soon after her separation from David Schulte, the gorgeous fashionista began dating award-winning American film director Bennett Miller in February 2014. Miller is famous for his outstanding performances in blockbuster films such as Moneyball, Foxcatcher, and Capote, to name but a few. Their relationship saw the light of day when the two were spotted on a dinner date in West Hollywood. But it wasn’t long before they hit the rocks and parted ways. In 2016 Miller began a new relationship with Sienna Miller.

7. Richard Sachs

Ashley Olsen’s most recent romance is with Richard Sachs, a financier and art dealer. This time, Ashley’s going out with someone old enough to be her father. Sachs is twenty-eight years older than the fashion queen, and they have been together since November 2016. The couple has been spotted together on several occasions, and both went on vacation to the Caribbean on the holiday weekend of 2016. It has been speculated that it is only a matter of time before Ashley and Richy walk down the aisle. But don’t expect to see a ring on their finger anytime soon, because Ashley Olsen has ended the relationship so she can concentrate on her fashion business. There is also speculation that Ashley is currently with another woman. However, she has not confirmed or revealed any information about her new boyfriend.