Who Is Jessica Serfaty (Ed Westwick’s Girlfriend)? Her Full Bio And Family Life
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There are people who only know Jessica Serfaty as Ed Westwick’s girlfriend. But then she made a name for herself as a model and actress even before she met him. As a former candidate for America’s Next Top Model, Jessica has become popular with many people because of the many interesting things that have happened in her life, and this has ensured that she is almost always in the news. Here is everything worth knowing about her.

Who Is Jessica Serfaty? Full Biography

Frenchwoman Jessica Michel was born on April 4, 1991, in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the United States. She also grew up there. However, she kept all information about her family and upbringing far away from the public.

Growing up, Jessica Michel was desperate to become a model, which led to the fact that she started keeping up with the trends in the modeling industry as a teenager. However, after pregnancy, even before she turned 18, her life was to take a break. After giving birth and getting married, she resumed her life and continued to pursue what she had always loved.

Who Is Jessica Serfaty (Ed Westwick’s Girlfriend)? Her Full Bio And Family Life
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Her first big chance to become famous and realize her dreams came when she entered America’s Next Top Model Show, which was looking for up-and-coming models. She couldn’t win the show, but at least it opened the doors for her.

With the success she achieved despite finishing fifth in the show, Jessica Serfaty soon got the gigs, which included appearances in music videos and invitations to photoshoots. After that, she received offers for film appearances. She has already appeared in films and productions such as FML (2016), Ride (2017), and Ryde (2017).

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In addition to music videos and films, she also appeared in a number of commercials, e.g. for Toyota and McDonald’s. Because of her work, Sarfati had to move to Los Angeles and only comes home occasionally to see her son. In LA she modeled for Nous Model Management.

Of course Jessica Michel, like other models and celebrities, has a very good following in social media. Thanks to her relationship with Paul Logan, she is not a completely unknown face on Vine, as she has over 635 000 followers on Instagram, while her Twitter followers have reached over 33 000. In the same line, she has a good following on other platforms as well.

Family And Dating Life As Ed Westwick’s Girlfriend

Apart from her professional life, nothing about the model has received more attention than her relationship life and the men she has met. The first person she is known to have dated was Ididia Serfaty. The two married in 2008, but by 2013 they were already divorced. It is even like they had a son together.

Serfaty and Jessica met when she was only 17 while he was 22. Shortly after they met, she took in his child Roman. Afterward, they decided to settle down as man and wife and start their family. When the marriage ended, Serfaty accused his ex-wife of abandoning her son in search of fame in Hollywood.

Who Is Jessica Serfaty (Ed Westwick’s Girlfriend)? Her Full Bio And Family Life
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Logan Paul was the next man she met after the failure of her marriage, and they stayed together from 2014 to 2015. There were rumors that the relationship could not survive any longer because the model had cheated on her actor and rapper boyfriend.

Before dating Westwick, she was also involved with several other men, including Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber. She began her relationship with Ed Westwick, who was no stranger to her, in 2017, and they have remained together ever since.

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This does not mean that the relationship hasn’t been through some difficult times. This is especially true when you consider that Westwick was accused of rape and sexual assault by three women in early 2018. Even after the accusations, Jessica remained behind her husband. For her part, she made a joke about having sex with the British photographer Brooklyn Beckham because he had a cute accent. In the end, not even that could break them up.